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Champion Suggestion Forum Guidelines

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Hi! I made my first champion recently and I'm really desperate for help on polishing the design.
Would someone please read and suggest any changes I can make?


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Guys, this thread looks no longer what it should be... I see everyone posting their champion ideas here, or the links, but this is not where it should be posted I think... And there are thing s I've noticed... There are many people posting ideas in this forum but there are not many comments or opinions on it, so I guess we should make something to improve that. The explanation is that no one cares about the work of another person, only about his own and it shouldn't be like that, but to make that stop I suggest we join our efforts and work together, at least some of us... I mean, some are good at drawing, other with ideas, others with computer design, others on writing, etc... So why don't we put efforts togehter and create some more original champs?

I would like to work with some of you and I could have some ideas and of course, I am the artist... I love to create and draw stuff, so I could make the champion, it's weapons, and all, but is anyone with me to work together and create the rest of the things?

And one more thing, if there are some administrators here, I think you should really talk to Riot or any contacts and see if we could make some contest like, the poros contest recently and the one who has the best idea gets his champion in-game! It would make a lot of people interested and excited to work on the game and with new ideas for champs...

That's it, who wants to join me?

You are right that currently most suggestions disappear in the masses, I do however hope that it will turn out better in the new forum. (http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/)
If anyone has an idea on how to make cooperation easier among creators (TS server, LoL chat room, etc) please suggest them.
Because currently it is impossible to find active artist, lorewriters or designer in the masses of posts, whereas you would only need to join a chatroom, look for some active member and start discussing with them outside of this forum.

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So far for ultimate skins, we have received 3 ultimate skins, Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr and DJ Sona.

These champions have got different roles in a 5 v 5 and different IP prices:

Ezreal: ADC, 4800 IP
Udyr: Jungle, 1350 IP
Sona: Support, 3150 IP

This therefore leaves:
Mid lane and Top lane
450 IP and 6300 IP Champions.

The champions chosen are also a bit underused but.
also champions used have been around for a long time.

From this knowledge, the next champions to get an ultimate would be (by logic):

Poppy: Top, 450 IP
Ryze: Mid, 450 IP
Fiora: Top, 6300 IP
Ahri: Mid, 6300 IP

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guys please help me and give me some feedback and thumbs up :

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We need a uptate to Kalista, specifically her last because the corridors partner can be afk. In a ranked match that can lead to loss.