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League of Legends Free Camp

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I just had an idea!

Gaming camps! That's f*cking amazing!

especcialy League Of Legends, we would have common interests right away.
But I'm 16yr old so to make an international camp would be hella of job.
So my Idea is to get everyone onto same skype room so everyone could discuss LoL and give tips to each other, scrim. If there would be lots of People we could make different rooms for junglers, toplaners, supports, mids, adcs.

Make tournaments. I think it would be awesome for new people, awesome way to find friends with common interests, also for better players(high-elo), "The best way to learn something is to teach it".
Also if this would work. We maybe could snowball it to other level, maybe even a real camp(I would really work my ass of to do it). Maybe we could persuade some Proffesional LoL player to give tips or a small lesson.

P.S. English isnt my mother tongue, so dont go on grammar nazi rampage right away.