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Promotion Series Expirations

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Minos Leonhart:
Seems like your system screwd up a bit. My friend (Eolhihi (http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/19194290)) was about to have a decay becasue of inactivity (he was also in promotion) so we decided to have a ranked game the very last day before the decay shows up.
We did the game (and won) and my friend had one out of his two victories for promotion (the green sign was showing up in the league screen). However, yesterday he got kicked off the promotion and he's now with 100 LP but out of promotion.
It shoudln't have happened because he played a game in time so decay shouldn't have popped up.

i had something similar: i went on holiday and when i came back the udate got me out of my promotion series. after that i lost a match and i won 1 and i got 100 points but when i played another game the day after i got 100 points i lost and i didnt have a los in my promoseries but i got back to 94 points...

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This sounds stupid. If someone earns LP, they should keep them as much time as they want. You are pressuring players to play just for playing sake...