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tips on how to raise my elo?

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i am currently at 1250 elo, and i dont claim do be a pro at this game. infact, im fairly sure that my name will never be seen in the 1700+ or maybe even 1600+ elo. BUT, i dont feel like i deserve to be at 1250. i am usually better then my teammates and i tend to get out with a good score no matter how the game goes. i build situational builds, i call misses with pings and text, i help my teammates if they struggle(and not by flamin), i try to play smart, i dont over extend, and i dont feed, and i always ALWAYS play heros that im comfortable with. NEVER ever do i play a champ that im not familiar with.

but im having a hard time winning games, and it alredy starts in the lobby. i try to explain my team what picks that are good and what picks that are bad (team comp). but i usually get ignored and they wont listen, it seems like they think they are in a normal game and just /care what the picks are. the usuall excuse is that "this is my main".. well if 5 guys have a dps as their main its basic knowlegde that someone has to pick something else... but yea... team comps arent EVERYTHING at this elo so its not the biggest problem, but it just adds to the frustration..

ingame, there are some mistakes that are being continiously made, that makes me wonder if there really are level 30 summoners that are playing.. now dont get me wrong, mistakes do happen, im guilty of makin some myself ^^, but i make sure to learn from them and NOT do them again. but it doesnt seem like its most people understand this..

my question is, are there any tips that i could use to try and improve? are there any heros that may fit a "carry" role so well, that its possible to make up for.. lets say one bad player, maybe 2?
should i play carrys at all or go support or tank?
any advice is welcome or if you think that i dont deserve a better elo, well then i guess you should just ignore this post or tell me that i suck.

i also want to clarify that im not saying that all the players i meet at this elo are bad, infact i see a lot of players who seem to have the same problem as me. and i see alot of players who are better then me aswell. i use to blame "elo hell", but i dont think it exists. if it does, then why has several people leveld several accounts to high elo?

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Well, I'm stuck at 1200 now with over 50 games played. One game won, one game lost, and the circle continues.

I have a friend, that has played over 300 ranked games and is STILL unranked. I agree to what Epicnight said.

I mainly play carries. If you think you don't deserve such elo try to play them. I guess tanky ones are better, because you don't have to be reliant on your team at all. Nothing more to say.

Wrote that from my smurf acc, which is 11 level. My main, which I was talking about earlier is Gelio.

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Main Mundo, Mundo wins games.