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"Did not receive a response from the server, Retrying"

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So when I try to log in this message appears "did not receive a response from the server, retrying (attempt 1,2,3)" . It did it before but the fix I did previously doesn't work this time.

What I did before was change my internet settings and unchecked the "check for certificate of...(forgot what it was called but its the only option that starts like this)" and that did the trick.

Now the other fix was to make sure the computer clock was at the right time and i have also tried this to no joy.


Internet explorer is a very bad Browser. If your internet goes out it will go to work offline mode (this will cause this message) If you use Chrome or Firefox I would strongly recommend you uninstall IE as it creates countless problems for LoL and is just rubbish anyway!

And yes I have fixed this now so I suppose this will be used to help other people?