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Windows 8 login error.

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Junior Member


Hi. Everytime I try to log in i get this error:http://i.imgur.com/MgyRlOP.jpg
I've tried everything. Reinstalling lol into the program86 folder. Disabling firewalls. Restarted the router. Nothing works. I dont know what more I can do, Any help out there? I payed alot of money to Riot over the years and I want to be able to play. Obviously it is a Windows 8 problem. Because I can login on my windows7 computer.

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Senior Member


Looking like its your connection dude, Try restarting your connection and try again, Im on windows 8 and wired is better then wireless.

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The problem is to do with internet explorer.

I've had this and took me about a week to figure it out, tried resyncing the clock and everything.

Hope this helps>

- Open Internet Explorer
- Press 'Alt' (a toolbar should pop up underneath your address bar)
- Go to 'File'
- Untick 'Work Offline'

You'll need to do that everytime the error occurs, should fix it straight away.
I usually load a webpage to make sure it's working online.