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How do you feel about the 'new' Ryze?

Balanced 39 82.98%
Imbalanced 8 17.02%
Voters 47 .

Ryze, the mage tank

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Guardian Kayest



Alloa all,

Last two days I've been trying out the new Ryze. Now, I have to admit that I wasn't very fond of the old Ryze, but the changes give this Ryze such a new feel to playing as a mage. However, I feel that some new builds give Ryze an unfair advantage over the enemy. In short: Ryze has some serious flaws.

Before I start off, I must say that I've not played the old, glass cannon Ryze. I've only played against him.

Overload at lvl 1 with a mana crystal does about 70 damage. The extremely low cooldown on Overload causes Ryze to do a lot of damage early game. In my opinion this low cooldown makes harrasing early game just too easy.

His cooldowns and passive join up for a quick rotation of spells in mid and late game. Making it possible to almost instantly double cast Overload. If you're 1 vs 1 and think ur gonna lose, you just walk away as your target sits in his Rune Prison.

Tank and Spank
Ryze's ability to scale with mana has some very strange effects on his item build: Instead of AP he can focus on tank items, with mana. The result will be a Ryze that can output enormous amounts of damage and will still be able to tank a Tryndamere or a Theemo.

Example: Last game lasted 20 mins. My Ryze had 2000 mana (200 extra overload damage), 120 Armor and 83 Spell Resistance. As a result, I could tank both Tryndamere and Theemo, kill theemo and run away.

Item cost
I feel that the mana items are too cheap considering the damage and utility Ryze gains. For instance, lets compare the cost of 100 extra damage through mana against the cost through Ability Power items. I'm considering you are mid game, so about lvl 14.

Ability power - 5800 G
- Deathcap (155 AP) - 3400 G
- Mejai's (100 AP) - 800 G
- Needlessly Large Rod (80 AP) - 1600 G
- Deathcap Bonus (166 AP)

Mana (with base) - 0 G
- Base mana (+ / - 1000 Mana [250 + 55 / lvl])

Mana (without base) - 2670 G
- Tear of the Goddess (+ / - 600 Mana) - 995 G
- Glacial Shroud ( + 425 Mana) - 1675 G

So as you can see, the difference in cost is really really large. Next to that, building mana gives me so much more defence or utility (depending on the items I choose). It makes you wonder why Ability power is even in the game XD.

Combining it All
The problem lies the combination of these factors. The cheap mana gain, causes Ryze to deal a lot of damage early game. His low cooldowns give him extra burst and the ability to farm. In addition to that, he gains relatively quick, a large amount of survivability and utility for a caster.

My conclusion
It's unbalanced, since Ryze now becomes a one man army. Maybe late game, this would be ok. But Ryze can already attain a tank like build mid game and still melt faces pretty hard.

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Senior Member


Half true. You won't tank properly without using Banshee Veil & Frozen Heart. This way, your E will do just-good-enough-to-farm damages, and you'll do nothing on offtank/tanks enemies. Nothing to mention that end game, you'll be just dead meat doing some random damages. Nothing to mention that there is no version of "rabadon" or "Mejai" for mana.

Only tank&mana, I don't like it. Yet powerful mid game, but no good late game unless you're fed. I tend to prefer HP&Mana&AP, with, for example, Rod of Age & Rabadon & Archangel staff. This way you'll do nearly as many as damages as the old Ryze while being not really squishy.

This is somehow like Garen : full tank is viable, but you'll be really more efficient with tank&AD (put a Sunfire and a last whisperer >profit).

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Senior Member


I find the tank-Ryze got serious problems with farming. What other hero has to ulti just to be able to clear a creepline in a reasonable time?
Also he doesn't have the get-mana-when-killed spells like most of the other casters. So it always feels a waste of mana that could go into harass if you lasthit with an overload, because your AA does so little damage.

I find him pretty balanced. Even though he now can take a little beating and still hurt he still has no escape abilities. Walking away from Tryndamere, that could easily spin and mock you doesn't sound like he knew how to play.

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Senior Member


hmm I guess, but the new builds were how you should have been building him before the change, he was always better with a lot of mana and CDR.

Used to end games with RoA, Archangels, Glacial Shroud, Hourglass and Abyssal... Maybe turning Glacial into Frozen. Sometimes swapping Hourglass for banshees if the enemy team was heavy magic.

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Junior Member


Too soon to tell whether or not he is balanced or imbalanced.