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MF Skills Deliberation

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Hi guys, I'm Hugo, and new to the Forum! ^^
Sorry for any grammatical errors since I'm portuguese.

WARNING: Wall of text coming! Brace yourselves!!

Anyway, I wanted to talk a little about Miss Fortune. I only played MF in Free to Play Weeks, but it was enough time to understand that something's missing in her kit.

My point in this thread is to make a little deliberation about this problem: She needs a re-balance in her skills. Everybody knows that and threads are made in that purpose, but said threads end up "dying."

I'll talk about each skill, what it does, and what I think that should be changed.

Her Innate, Strut, she gains movement speed after not taking damage for 5 seconds, increasing it over 5 seconds. Strut is lost upon being hit. Yes, it is a good passive for roaming and positioning. But after that, what else? Escape? Pretty much, but probably she'll get hit by something while she tries to escape. While it's good to evade skill shots like Ez's, she loses it too many times, and with that said, decreasing her speed to terrible levels.

Her Q, Double Up: She shoots a bullet at one target and then it bounces to the target behind it. The target behind also takes 20% more damage than the first one.
In early game, Double Up is awesome for harassing, it can deal large amounts of damage to an enemy Champion on the second hit. It resets your auto-attack timer, great. Apart from that, her Q is pretty much a "strong auto-attack" after early-mid game, with a chance of hitting a champion on the second hit in teamfights. With that said, it falls a little bit after early-mid game.

Her W, Impure Shots. Nice passive, her AA deals additional magic damage and it can stack. When activated, she gets an attack speed buff and a health debuff, awesome! Personally, I find W very useful all the game, nothing else to say here.

Her E, Make It Rain. Deals AoE DoT and Slow. While it CAN be useful to harass early game, I don't find the damage nor the slow that appealing after early game. The damage is very low without AP and the Slow is easily evaded by walking out of the spell's range. Make It Rain can be useful to position herself along with Strut in Team fights and to deliver a Bullet Time to the face.

Talking about Bullet Time, her R. She channels for 2 seconds dealing AoE Damage in a cone. This ultimate does wonders when your enemies are under any CC (except Silence, of course :P); if they are, you can see your enemy's health bar falling to 0 in no time. But, don't forget! Since it's a Channeled Spell, she can't move or be under certain CC, or else she'll cancel the Ultimate, and let's be honest, even if she's in the back of her Team, she would get hit by "tons of damage."

So, with that said (I know, i say that too many times XD), here are my ideas:

--> Strut wouldn't be lost if hit by minions, pets or neutral monsters, only by champions; that'd give her more escape tools and could be her "shining spot", roaming.

--> Her Q, should get it's damage raised since 165 (+75% AD) at level 5 it's way too weak. Q's Mana cost should get lowered, 90 Mana is too much for such "low" damage.

--> Her W, totally fine with it.

--> Her E, oh golly. The damage, it's not enough, it only deals 310 (+80% AP) if the enemy gets caught by it all it's duration. Increasing it's damage per second wouldn't make her over powered; the slow, well, the same thing, it's good, but they can simply walk out the area to get the movement back. Probably a stronger slow in the earlier levels or a wider range.

--> Her R... I love her laughing while she shoots bullets and stuff, but I think that 2 seconds is a little bit too much for an AD Carry that need constant positioning and movement. Another problem is perhaps the facility of walking away of her R, but, honestly I don't see the fix for it, I'll keep using E first for the slow. :P None the less, awesome to farm entire waves of minions and to scare Champions away in earlier levels.

Final verdict: Great at laning phase, good harassment tools, averange range, lots of mobility with Strut, soft CC with E, falls off a little after Mid Game, and frankly, Graves does the "AoE AD Carry job" better. Thanks.

Oh, and go easy on me, I'm not a "pro" gamer that knows almost everything about LoL... x)

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Walking Titan



She is actually pretty strong in all stages of the game
She is just like Cait, she is good early but until you get a last whisper, your damage mid game will be mehhh, but after the LW/BC she really starts dealing damage again

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Thanks for commenting.

Yeah, I do agree that she can deal "tons of damage" after certain items, my personal favorite: The Black Cleaver, since Bullet Time wrecks entire teams. XD

But then, I didn't mean to say that she's weak after Early Game, she just falls a little bit after.

Talking about Cait, yeah, Cait almost only relies on AA to deal damage in mid-late game, but you can't forget that Miss Fortune is an AD Caster, relies mostly on her spells to deal damage (and auto-attacks, of course). :-/

Probably I'm giving the feeling that I'm saying she's weak, she isn't! She simply gets easily countered, and as an AD Caster, her skills are not the best.

And one more thing, as a Caster, she relies mostly on Bullet Time to deal damage, since it has a wide range. Her Q, as I said before, is a "stronger auto-attack" with the same range (which is average). Because of that average range she can get harassed easily by long-ranged skill shots or simply by bigger AA range (Cait, for example).

My whole point to re-balance her skills is that she's not a "normal AD Carry", since she uses mostly Skills instead of direct AA to deal damage, with that said, she should get the said re-balance.

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Senior Member


She's ok.
A lot of buffs, like Kayle, and now, that some pros use her... is OP...

No. Her Q is VERY balanced: Cost, normal. Range, like his AA, but less range; Dmg, not too high, and with some Lifesteal, it have not really dmg.
Her W is a good buff, like Tristana and varus, but diferent.
Her E is a little up, in my opinion. It MUST show the bushes, but it dont do. Dont know if this is a bug or what...
And her R, it have been buffed a lot of times, and i think, that know, is a LITTLE op, JUST a little. 5 less dmg for each bullet, and is REALLY OK.

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First of all, thanks for commenting.

Second of all: I honestly don't think that her Q has much uses. She was OP when she entered the League, true, but she got nerfed in so many ways... And, of course, got some buffs here and there, true.
About the E, as far as I know, it always showed brushes... Or is it more recent? :O
And yes, her R is overpowered in terms of range and the damage that it can deal if enemies get trapped inside it, but honestly, they could make it quicker and deal less damage as you said.

And, don't want to get offensive, you look contraditory about Q, you say that it is "VERY balanced", but then you admit that it has average range, lower than her AA, which is not THAT good, and finally it looks like that Q only use is to get life back? That's my way to understand your quote.

And finally, by no means she's OP, not even close, she was OP when she came to the League, but after that, she's OK with most summoners but she gets countered easily and as I said, Graves ends up doing a better "AoE AD Carry" job (but, in my opinion, she has her strong points like mobility and 1Vs1 battles).

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The only problem with Miss Fortune is that Draven and Varus exist, so she no longer has a massive bully presence in lane.