Season 3 end

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Simon Dante

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Its just a thought after i saw a lot of posts today about how you cn abuse the system by being bronze and have silver/gold mmr. Anyway what i wanted to say is when season 2 ended we got like 1 reset on the maximum elo before giving away the awards for season2 and another reset(+prelimnary matches) after the season2(yeah i know they werent both exactly resets and stuff..but you remember what happenned i guess). So at season 3 has riot made any post or given any information about what will happen at the resets? Lets say i m gold V and my mmr is silver. Will there be a reset where i ll be thrown back at silver? Or if i m bronze and my mmr is gold will i get a reset for gold or anything? Since the system now uses 2 different "variables" instead of 1(mmr- LP division compared to only 1:elo) shouldnt riot have said something when they released the new system about what will happen at the end of season 3?