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[platform][minor] Cannot save Item Sets

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Hey guys.

Like the title already mentions: I cannot save any changes in my Item Sets. The save-button is enabled but if i click it nothing happens.
Additionaly if I change something in any Item set and select another tab (e.g. profile), the client asks my to save my changes. But like the save-button of the item sets-tab both option-buttons (yes & no) are enabled but do not react on my clicks.
That means I have to close the PBE-Client per taskmanager because the popup-question does not allow any other interaction with the client until I clicked yes or no (which doesn't work).

If I do not choose another profile-tab and click on the league symbol in the upper left corner, I do not get asked and I do not have any problems until I click on my profile again (nevertheless changes in my item sets don't get saved but on this way I still can play games even with an unsaved item set).

I would prove this with pics but you won't be able to see how I click on the buttons so I won't do this except if it's necessary.

Does anyone have the same problems or any workaround to fix my problems?
Please give me any feedback even if this bug did never occur to you (then just tell me that it did not occur).

Thanks for helping.


  • I have already created some item sets so it worked a while ago.
  • But I have this bug for weeks (or maybe months I dunno) now...
  • A friend of mine does not have such problems.


I got the issue. I had Malady saved in an item set before it got removed.
It got replaced by an 'empty' item with no price. I had just to remove this item and now I am able to save my changes.

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Many thanks. That fixes it.