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Damage Calculator for Blitzcrank

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Puschel the Soft

Senior Member


Hi every1!

introductional bla bla in italic:
I was wondering which Items would be nice on Blitzcrank to score as much damage as possible, so I spent some time to create an excel sheet which will calculate your exact damage output depending on which items you get and suggest the best option to further boos your DPS/Burst/Power Fist DMG.

So I'm gonna share my results with you. There are basically 2 ways of getting damage out of Blitzcrank. The first and more obvious one is getting attack damage, since Charged Fist (will be called power fist=PF from now on) deals your damage as bonus damage and overdrive will increase ur attack speed so high attack damage will result in high dps.

The other way is building ability power items to increase the damage of static field and Rocket Grab. This build relies heavily on Lich Bane to make AP increase ur Power Fist damage.

Generally speaking I have figured (which was pretty obvious and generally known before xD) that one item will give you by far the best damage for the least gold, be it you go AP or AD which is: Sheen. It is the most cost efficient item to increase your PF damage by far and by, depending on skill lvls, en par with sorc shoes to increase your burst damage.

Now to the AD build:
You can build sheen into trinity force. It provides a mediocre increase in damage at best BUT provides you with lots of nice side effects.
But there is anther item which will boost your (power fist) damage better than any other item: Brutalizer. You often hear people say it's an early game item that's useless later. That is just plain wrong. Even if you already have trinity force, infinity edge and atma's Brutal still is the most cost efficient item to boost ur dmg. The only reason not to get this: The enemies stack lots of armor, you have to go for Last Whisper instead.

Now you have a few items available. Generally you can either go for crit or plain damage now. If you have got trinity force, go for crit as it boosts ur crit chance and HP making both Infinity Edge and Atma's Impaler better. You should get both if the game is long enough, but get Atmas first: It is cheaper, it has a slightly better PF damage/gold ratio if ur lvl 18 AND offers defense too. Infinity Edge will boost ur auto attacks a little better though. If you don't have trinity yet but still want to go crit it is also viable to get infinity edge first.

Getting Brutal-> Youmu's Ghost Blade is an option. It has a high Damage/gold ratio given you already have Infinity Edge AND has a good active skill. Get this only with infinity edge though!

The plain damage path is quite obvious: Black Cleaver, Blood Thirster, Last Whisper, maybe bilge/phage/frozen mallet for slow (have ****ty PF damage/gold ratios though)

The AP part is rather obvious too: you want AP.
The only surprise for me was: even for the AP build brutalizer is still a really good option since it boosts ur early damage and ur late lich bane damage.
You can get them via RoA, Archangel, Mejas, Zhonyas. You want Lich Bane. Against low MDef enemies rushing sorc shoes (and haunting guise) is a really good option. against higher mdef leave those out and get void staff. If you went for sorc shoes and guise an abys sceptre isnt the worst choice either.

If you have got suggestions find mistakes or anything let me know!
Oh, if you download the excel sheet and buy an upgradable item, it will change automatically to calculate the upgrade (if u have sheen it shoes the sheen->lich bane values, not the pure lich bane values). You have to manually remove the basic item though


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Puschel the Soft

Senior Member


Oh yeah, for the AP path: Usable items are the best choice to boost ur burst dmg, first and foremost of course deathfire grasp, but the gunblade is pretty good too.

For pure burst damage the best choice would be (against 30 mdef enemies):
Sorcerer Shoes, Deathfire Grasp, Sheen, Hextech Gunblade, (Haunting Guise), Lich Bane, Zhonya's
Against 50 mdef enemies the best paht would be: Sheen, Sorc Shoes, Haunting Guise, Deathfire, Gun Blade, Lich Bane
Against 100 mdef it's: Sheen, Void Staff or Deathfire, Void or Deathfire, Lich Bane, Zhonya or AP Item

I didn't think deathfire grasp would be so great, but is really one of the best items to pump up ur burst dmg (calced against 1k HP targets, gets more effective against high hp targets) as it's stats are really nice too

Here a list for max powerfist damage against 40/70/120 armor enemies:
40 Armor: Sheen, Brutalizer, Black Cleaver, Infinity Edge, Brut->Youmus,, Atma's, Infinity/Blood Thirster
70 Armor: Sheen, Brutalizer, (Black Cleaver once with 1 debuff stack), Infinity, Atma's, Last Whisper (if not Black Cleaver) or Brutal->Youmus (if black cleaver), (another infinity edge>Blood Thirster with full stacks >Last Whisper)
120 Armor: Sheen, Last Whisper, Infinity/Black Cleaver, Atma's/Brutal(Youmus), Brutal (Youmus)/Infinity, Black Cleaver/Atma's
Against more armor it stays the same, just leave out flat armor pen items (brutal, black cleaver, youmus): Sheen, Last Whisper, Blood Thirster, Infinity, Atma's, AD/Crit (another inf, another blood thirster.....)

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So, to end the discussion, is it better to go AP or AD?

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Puschel the Soft

Senior Member


That discussion will never end I am afraid =P
I personally prefer AD blitzcrank. He deals more damage. His power fist is way better (even with lich bane AD's power fist is way stronger) his dps are way higher (overdrive...) and his burst damage is only a slight bit worse (we're talking about 10% or so). If you miss ur rocket grab ur burst dmg is eve better with AD Blitz. (Against a 70 armor 30 magic resist target while using armor pen/magic pen marks. Though the tendency will stay the same unless the enemy stacks either magic resist or armor)
But the (only) reason to go AP crank is: your active ulti will deal huge AoE damage (and the rod of ages will increase ur survivability better than trinity force) in team fights.

So: AP blitz is better in team fights, AD blitz for anything else. Plus AD blitz moves faster =P (trinity, youmus and phantom dancer as possible items vs lich bane. Possibility to get swift boots vs. the need to get sorcerer shoes)