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New Game Mode suggestion

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Hi everyone!

I've discussed with some friends of mine and other players I have met in LoL games and we thought about a new game mode suggestion.

I don't really know how the map should look like, maybe a new one or maybe just a mode for any map. (custom treeline, dominion, summoner's or abyssal)

The mode is very simple and really fun I should say.
It is the Full-Build mode.

The name already talks by itself, yes you have unlimited gold and you can full-build your champ since the beginning of the game.

Now the negative point of this mode is that it's quiet unbalanced, because some champs are really, almost, unkillable in lategame or very hard though. (like Jax, Kayle or other champs you know)

But on the other hand it can be really fun and even good to experience your final build with your favorite champ that you want in a ranked game or just a normal game.

And if this mode should come to life in LoL, I would suggest to add this "single life" perspective so that there won't be to much "OP'ness".

By single life I mean, once dead, always dead.

But this in a duel mode, like 3 rounds of 3vs3 in full-build or 3 rounds of 5vs5.
And that maybe in a special Arena map

What do you think of my idear? Second post maybe? Just crazy bad idear?
Or maybe you feel like me? (:

PS: I don't know if it's the right place here to post game-modes ^^ If not,sorry, please tell me where