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[Bug][Minor] Wukong still known as Monkeyking in a custom game.

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RT Fan Donutdude

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As the title says, Wukong is shown as Monkeyking in the attached screenshot.

Here's a post I found from Xelnath about this taken from the NA forum, dated 2/2/13:

"For those curious, we changed how pieces of the chat client parses the text before it gets displayed to you. Specifically, we run the champion name through a localizer to make sure the correct name for that language is displayed.

There was an error in this patch which displays the data package/folder name, instead of the champion's name. We've tracked down this error and already have a fix for the next PBE patch.

That said, Wukong will always be my MonkeyKing."

Thought I'd report it, though personally I kind of like it as an easter egg.

NA thread source: Wukong's name showing up as MonkeyKing instead of Wukong??? (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=34226805#34226805)

Naming error with Wukong.JPG