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Champion Spotlight: Sejuani, the Winter's Wrath

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nice patch totally destroyed her

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Riot, u just make an excelent patch specialy for Sejuani.

She was my most favorite champion in league. She was strong, fast and beautiful even with her classic skin.

After this rework... she is more... how can I say that...

She's weaker and slower as a jungler. She do less damage and skins, that skins are just bad. nothing more. Pig looks like the tiger or some felid and in her traditional skin her emotion doesn't make sense.


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Riot, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally well done (sarcasm). She is so weak now. It was my first Champion and I liked her so much but now after "rework" ( I would rahter say ruin) and 20 games...wow she sucks. Used to pick her everytimes (for 2 years every third game) but now I don't know if I want her anymore. 2 years playing her, that rework got her a warranty for the place where Poppy is, into the forgotten realm of not playing anymore.

To be precisely:
W: does no damage anymore 4 seconds? contradictory: last time you increased the duration from 5 to 6 seconds and now 4 seconds, even the 50 % extra damage is better than this extra damga on 1 attack
R: has a lower hit range than Ezrael's q