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Walking Titan



Why do I gain so little LP?

From my last 15 ranked games I lost like 1, which was a Riven match in which I couldn't carry

The rest of the games are all victories, however, I don't get why I'm only getting 6 LP every win but losing 20 every defeat

I'm in an 8 winning streak right now but I'm only getting 6 points at the time, and this is Solo, I Duod with my friend some days ago but I don't think that has any influence

I don't get this, there was a period when I couldn't almost play due to massive lag, so, for pretty much every victory, I also got a defeat, but I was winning like 30 Lp for each victory, now that Im winning almost every game, I don't get out of the 6 LP per game and I don't know the reason for that being

Some people say it is the Hidden Elo factor, and I do agree with this to a certain extent, but I how can I check it? or how can I raise it up fast?
Other people just say that the MMR think that this is where I belong and therefor, I get only few points for victory, which may be true but I don't know why this even happens in the first place

Please, I have no problems carrying my team to victory if I need to, my real problem is the fact that I win very little LP for winning and lose a lot of LP for losing

Also, what does MMR stand for? It seems like a popular term, but I can't figure out its meaning