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New Transfer Options Now Available!

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So they are asking me for the email which I used to create the account now. For an account I created over almost 4 years ago. Where I changed the email address and never used the old address... Hopefully this will not be a hindrance.

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Having the same problem. Hopefully having receipts for RP purchases on both accounts will be enough.

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Yesterday the support also asked me for the e-mail adresses I created the accounts with and then tonight I got my merge (24 days after I sent my ticket which was a few hours after the announcement).

I did some math:
I got runes worth 112765 IP.
I got rune pages worth 50400 IP.
I got champs worth 50550 IP.
I got pure (what I had + refunds) 120000 IP.

Worth of merge: 333715 IP.

Any runes I had the maximum of on both accounts are still at maximum (lost during merge as announced).
Champions & skins were all unlocked properly (including season rewards as announced).

So the merges are there, they are real and good luck to all of you waiting for theirs!

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So... it seems i am not getting a merge while my friends who started playing around the same day (even one who started after me got it somehow)..

that gives a new question.. will the merge be available to other players somewhere in the future? since i sunk money into both EU and NA accounts i do hope riot will do something for me.

i don't care paying for it.. what's 2600RP on a 300+ euro account that sucks to play on due to lag