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Rengar tips and tricks

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Hey guys, and welcome to my Rengar tips and tricks post.
I play rengar top and my tricks are based on that, I wont give jungle tips

First of all ill give you laning tips, then ill explain you his best build.

First some back ground information (skip this if you know Rengar):
Rengar is a phisical damage dealer who doesnt have mana. His passive is that when he is stealth, he can leap toward an enemy, and his abilities give him ferocity stacks when they hit a champion. When he hits 5 ferocity stack, his next ability becomes empowerd, giving it an additional effect. (the ability you give an additional effect doesnt go on cd)

Q: his next basic attack deals more damage and gives him an attack speed buff.
F(his additional effect): his next basic attacks deals more damage and gives him a bigger attack speed buff.

W: he roars, dealing magic damage and increases his armor and magic resistance
F: it also heals for an amount

E: he trows a bola, dealing phisical damage and slows his target.
F: it also roots for 1 sec

R: he becomes stealth for like 7 sec and gains movement speed and gains ferocity stacks fast, without spamming skills.
F: cant be empowered

Ok, that was his basic information. Now my tips and tricks:
- Rengar has his own item, The bonetooth necklace, for more info look here:
- Most of the times you will max out your Q first and then w or e. But when you are against a teemo or a jax, (because dodge/blind) you can better max out your E first.
It then deals plenty much damage and because you can strike it twice with ferocity, the target will recieve much damage
- Dont stay much in lane. When your opponent goes back, you can choose:
go gank mid/jungle (farm there and maybe kill their jungler) or even bot. It will give you more gold and because your R, it suprises the enemy alot .
- Make sure you get some early kills, when you are (a bit) stronger then you enemies, you can make much more kills with your R, and you will be able to feed yourself without the help of a jungler. Ask for babysitting top early until you've reached like 2-3 kills.
- Rengar is one of the best snowballers in the game. Kill after teamfights your opponents with your R. Dont engage in Team fights, you want to get the ones trying to escape, thats where you're the best in
- when you gank without your R, start with 2 ferocity stacks, go to the jungle to gain them, then youll succeed you gank much more often.
- When Kha zix is in their team and you have bonetooth necklace
and Kha zix has his 3 evolution, the hunt will randomly start. When you kill Kha zix (assists count) , your bonetooth neckless will be replaced by kha zix head. Its the same but then it always have 14 stacks. And when Kha zix kills you, he will gain his 4 evolution. This can only happen 1 time (so you cant have a Rengar with kha zix head and Kha zix with 4 evolutions

Now I give in my opinion the best item build for Rengar:

Look first to their top champ, Is it ad or ap, and does it herasse you very much
Then, is the team ad or ap (like 3 ad 2 ap, or 3 ap 2 ad)

Top champ is ad and their team has more ad then ap: buy cloth armor and 5 potions, and for boots ninja tabi
Top champ is ad, herasse much and their team is ap: buy boots with 3 potions and as boots Mercury's Treads.
Top champ is ad, he doesnt herasse much and their team is ap: buy dorans shield and mercuri threats.
Top champ is ap and team is ap: buy null-magic mantle with hp potions and Mercury's Treads.
Top champ is ap, does herasse much and team is ad: buy boots with 3 potions and ninja tabi
Top champ is ap, doesnt herasse much and team is ad: buy dorans blade and ninja tabi

Other items: Boots,bonetooth necklace,trinity force,bloodthirster,i.e, your own item (can be thorn,warmogs,ruined king,black cleaver,maw or your own item

Good luck with playing Rengar, I hope I did help you guys!

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i didnt find full damage very useful, especialy if you have to engage..:
i always get frozen mallet first, after boots ofc
then a defensiver item like randuins
if doing well bonetooth when doing medium to bad get it last
that mr item which gives 20% more regenthingy when healing
blackcleaver or an other agressive item ( ie, rhydra, ... )

you can always go more tanky if you think you need it or you can build that 100% crit + 100% AS item which is usefull for bursting down carries like a baws

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Well, as Rengar you don't have to engage, you just let your team fight and snowball their team after.
Rengar tank isnt very usefull, because you dont have cc or protect abilities. Futher when you build full damage with lifesteal, you come very far. I had 500 hp against 3 enemies with half hp and I had a triple. (I was killed but affin) Indeed, you can always be more tankier then you want. But in this you must trust me. 9 out of the 10 games I had a monster score with this build, even when i was against my counters. (darius, teemo)