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Free TS Channel

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So I was in this clan some leader of the clan was abusing his power so I left. As revenge of his anger on me here's their TS3 channel you can use it as much as you want...

Adress: ts3.pr0g4ming.pl
Port: 9987

There is no password you scroll down to the VIP zone you'll see a channel called VIP-| We Play For Fun. the password of the first channel in there is WPFF and the rest is just free to go in without pw. Hope this will teach the power abusing moron a lesson. I wont ever read this threat again so you can rand all you want or thank me for it I WONT READ IT

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Some kiddy rage, dont bother, i think you can see his "level" after first post.

He was dropout from our clan, and over 100 people still stays i clan so i wonder why 1 kid was so unhapy abter rageing at another clan members.

Can any mod can delate this thread and warn this user.