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Tips to being a better player.

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Hello summoners!

I have played this game since season 1. And yet i have never been banned or warned.
Im writing a small guide how i play this game and how following this would help you win more.

1. Know your game.
If you are a competitive player and want to imitate pro's. Play ranked.
If you are just playing for fun and stress free. Play normals.
If you are a casual gamer. Play custom/aram/dominion/tt.

Its no point to antimeta in ranked, if youre playing soloque.
Nobody else is wanting antimeta games and its only you. Dont be selfish.
Play normals instead and have premades. This way you dont piss off others for no reason.

2. Knowing your lane.
In champ select, Say your best lane and worst lane. This way everyone knows your strengths and can play more coordinated to win.

STOP THE "I SAID FIRST". This only pisses everyone off and makes your chances getting your desired lane even lower.
I have developed my strengths at every lane but i'm most powerful at mid.

Be polite about it.

3. Abuse the ping system.
Instead of typing: "GG OUR JUNGLER NO GANK"

Use OMW ping's so everyone know's that you're coming to help.
Use the ? ping if your lane is missing, instead of typing it in chat.
Use the assist me ping if you need a gank.
Use the danger ping to tell your teammates that its not a good idea to initate.
Use the V ping (back) to tell your teams to disengage and turn back.

I only use the chat function if i ask for item suggestions or other game related stuff.

I understand that the jungler cant always come to rescue you when you fail your lane.
Just a simple assist me ping tells your jungler that you need attention next. Your jungler comes to help you eventually. Be patient.

Nobody us can focus on the chat when were getting that sweet 1-2-3 combo to kill that enemy mid. The smartping system is so much more efficent.

4. Reports

Don't beg for reports. It only makes you look like an ass.
Be quiet and calm and just report the toxic person after the game is over. (he will get eventually hes deserved justice. Don't worry.)

5. Chat
Stop making that kid's tantrum lose the game for you.
Ignore that damn chat. Why do you care what that 12 year old kid thinks?
I have /all Chat disabled always. Made me improve since i don't have to see those taunts.

Abuse the mute button. Your teammates can still smart ping.

6. Premades

5 v 5 soloque:
40% your team gets a troll and 50% enemy gets a troll. 10% is you.
2 premade: 30% your team and 50% enemy team... 20% increase of not getting trolled.

Always prefeer duo queue since it gives a chance that the enemy has a bad team and you don't.

Don't spam WE DUO WE BOT. Learn to play all lanes and synergize with your team.

7. Losing
Report toxic players and move on to the next game.
Losing a normal doesent mean anything. So don't get mad about it.

In ranked: You got outplayed. You had a troll in your game. It happened...
And your raging wont make it go away. Just accept it and move on.

8. Stop being the leader.
STOP! Chat and be a team. Talk it out in the champion selection and discuss strategies and counters. Stop telling others what to do and try to learn from them.

If you're supporting a bad adc. Instead of flaming him and going dive dying on the enemy. Play it safe and be at the back. Follow the adc's movement and try to help him improve.
I see bad ad carrys daily. I even go and admit it. Many times when i'm the adc. i win games.. That's why i always adc in ranked. Its a easier way to win.

If i want to lay back and relax, i go mid/jungle/top instead. Its more relaxing and not boring as hell early.

9. Advice.
If someone tells you to build more survivability/damage. They only mean good for the team. Offcourse this works both ways. You only want to win right? Or you only want to have as much fun as possible. Many players need to stop being so butthurt about getting advice. Every player that just started this game can relate to running into towers and dying over and over untill they learn from experience. Sometimes its just worth it to say "don't do that, it doesent work in this game."

But always remember to be polite about it.. Nobody wants to hear that they suck and need to uninstall.

10. "I said first" issue.
When you're in ranked/normal draft pick. Come on. ITS DRAFT MODE. The "i said first rule" does not even apply in blind mode. So why do i see 9/10 times this phenomenon happening in DRAFT MODE?

This is the internet, NOT THE KINDERGARTEN. If you wish to apply "i said first" rules, please go to the nearest kindergarten and fight over for toys.. We are here to play and try to win.

11. Stats
So many times i see children getting steamed up on K/D/A..
Lets break down what this means.
Your kills = how many times you managed to last hit someone down.
Your deaths = How many times you got last hit.
Your assists = How many times you assisted on the last hit.

Still i see good adc's getting flamed by stupid teammates who only see hes K/D/A.
So what if that adc has 1/5/0 early. He still dealt MOST DAMAGE IN THE GAME in the stats screen after the game. Its not about those flashy numbers. Its about how much your carry did damage.
Stop chasing kills all the time and for once see clearly what it takes to win a game.

This behaviour is so damn frustrating.

12. Honoring.

So many times this function is not used. Reason basicly is that its useless and you gain nothing from it. So why is it there?

Actually honoring people boosts the team morale 25% of the times. Its not a guaranteed friendly match but it sometimes calms people down and make them concentrate and stay friendly.. yes its only 25% chance but that's still better than nothing right?

When i play a game of league of legends, i ALWAYS honor people that are friendly and nice. I also inform them in game after mid game or so that i'm honoring everyone for being so nice and nobody flamed. This actually sometimes makes people even more happier and the game shifts more into our favor because of the morale boost.

Use this as a weapon to make happy people more happier. Cause happy people win games more than angry people. (Calm beats stressed anytime if its a equal match.)

Riot gave you a function to reward good players (good as in nice and kind). So abuse it and spam it if you see friendly people.. or atleast someone who did good plays during the game.

13. Improving yourself
You don't always win games. You have to accept that.
This is a team game so if you have ex. 2 lanes that are failing. Always focus on your own lane and try to improve. Because you are training for the next possible game, and this time it might just be YOU that is failing hard.

If your lane is failing hard and you can't seem to win. Just use the "assist me" ping and wait till your teammates are ready and can start to help you turn your lane. Try to stall the lane by getting GP10 items and playing very passively. This is rewarding if you see that you died twice and the opponent can simply snack you when you come too close. At this point when you lost your lane hard, you need 2 people to gank or else it wont be as effective.

Keeping the focus on your own game is extremely important in soloqueue. You can't rely on your teammates in soloqueue cause you don't have voic. You just have to rely on pings and hope if your teammates notice.

If all other lanes lost. Just keep trying.. There might be that one enemy team member who decided to troll and boom. You have a great opportunity to win. Also keep a close look on whos team has the endgame champions. You might get steamrolled in the early but the late game is a different story.

Honorable shout outs to

14. Winning a 1-4 v 5
If you see that the enemy team had a afk from the start of the game or had a person who just kept walking in the center of the map to get picked off.
Why do you insist saying it was a good game and laughing at the team that losed..

Seriously are you that desperate that the only game you can enjoy is the 5v4's that are easy for you? Come on be supportive and say "sorry for your afker"
And move on. It wasn't a good game. It never was. its a bad game from the start. If you played a match where it was 5v5 and nobody did anything intentionally like walking in the center of the map all the time to ruin it, then it was a good game. Stop being a ass about winning. You got your win so be happy about it. Don't trash talk the losing team. Report the afker/troller and move on.

15. Map vision
If you have teammates that have no clue how to use the smart ping system and doesen't support you. Please keep looking at the minimap.
In soloqueue its pointless to assume that your team has your back. Many times i initate a 5v3 and have 4 teammates walk away and it turns into a 1v3.

Solution is:
Train yourself into looking at the minimap every 30 seconds. After you master the timing look.
Then train yourself into looking at the minimap every 15 seconds.

After a while of training you should take a quick peek at the minimap every 2 seconds to watch out for anything suspicious like empty lanes which weren't pinged. Or if you see a enemy jungler walking towards you. Its always worth it to check the minimap.

Honorable shout out to
"Terror Taric"

Stop complaining if you got ganked in mid. Its not your junglers fault. Its your fault for not buying wards.
Even i buy 2 wards after first or second back from mid lane. Its even turning into a habit.

16. Variable champion picks.
To totally stomp your opponent in a duel lane requires you to have knowledge on the opposing champion.
You should play like me and change your champion each game and try to stop playing the same character over and over again.
If you do this, you will:

1. Learn new champs and be good at them.
2. Know exactly what the enemy is capable of because you played that champion yourself.
3. Know how to pick better in champion select just incase someone troll picks, you can still change your lane if you're already locked in.

After all. All the champs i own and purchased i have played over 10 times. That's why when i see a enemy "------" In the lane, i can easily counter pick and kill him because i have played that champion myself. Its pretty easy to knowledge which champions have mana problems early game, and which champions are squishy early.

17. Death
You're happily farming your Q on nasus when suddenly 5 enemies appear from your tower and from the bush and you cant do **** about it.
Stop trying to run away and die. Instead try to do as much as damage as possible before death. Its pointless to try and run from all that CC and die after. If you see that the full enemy team is rushing you, go to their tower and hit it a couple of times before dying.. Atleast then you do some permanent damage.

Ignore raging teammates when you do this. Later they will see that it paid off.
Always have your last stand when all hope is lost.

If you cant harm their towers. Atleast blow off all your cd's and try to burst atleast one enemy down before dying..
That will turn a free death into a enemy killed, worth it.

Honorable shoutout to:

18. New builds

If someone in your team decides to do something out of the ordinary and try something new "EX: Reliving the duo top build from season 1"

Instead of fighting tooth and nail against it and yelling "HAHA YOUR STUPID BUILD DIDN'T WORK" each time the guy dies.
You should try everything to make it work... All hes doing is trying to win.. The meta is like rock paper siccors. When a guy invents a meta, it can be countered... it takes a LONG time to counter it but it can be countered by doing something out of the ordinary..

I have been perfecting the old season 1 duo top meta by zoning the enemy and having double buff ward controll (Only works at blue side)
Each time i get that one negative guy fighting tooth and nail against my build.. he ends up being the troll who either afks and flames or buys 4 zeals as sion.. (it happened)

But i have got 3 games in a row where my team complied and tried to make it work.. Those games were crushing victories...
The enemy team wasn't bad... We just kept zoning out the enemy top laner from exp and gold and he couldn't do anything cause all hes trades resulted in him taking more dmg than dealing dmg.. And when the jungler came to gank it was 2v2 and the enemy always had a 50% hp top laner so the gank phase failed from it... IF the mid laner would have came to gank we would just back off and let our mid laner push hes tower hard.

If someone has a great build idea.. instead of turning your anger on, remember its only a normal game.. you will forget that normal game shortly.. IF you want to spam 1 top 1 jungle 1 mid 2 bot meta and not play anything else, hey there is a place for it... RANKED.

So if you see these weird and unordinary builds in normals, remember that someone has crunched some numbers and planned in how it would work.. and atleast let him try it.. after it fails missrebly, he will learn that it doesent work and stop trying to make it work each time someone just disagrees.. cause the mentality will just make him think: "man this build would work if it wasnt for this flaming afk renekton..."


Many of you must think that all these tips are just common sense.. But why is the common sense lacking in every game in the lower MMR?

Stop waiting for everyone else to change.. Change yourself and wait. Things will improve in time.. Even if it takes 6 years. Just be patient and wait..

You guys have no idea how rewarding it is to see a good player from time to time.
It almost makes this game a pleasure to play. (i automatically honor kind and nice players over actually skilled players.)

Feel free to comment. And please contribute by bumping this post back top.


EDIT: Added "Stats" 1.4.2013
EDIT: Added "Honor" 9.4.2013
EDIT: Added "Improving yourself" 12.4.2013
EDIT: Added "Winning a 1-4 v 5" 20.4.2013
EDIT: Added "Minimap" 20.4.2013
EDIT: Added "Variable picks" 27.4.2013
EDIT: Added "Death" 30.4.2013
EDIT: Added "New builds" 22.6.2013

Any suggestions of what i should add in this list? Post a comment!

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Senior Member


Kajind you always say "me bot I'm premade, me plat" ( you're not) STOP BEING DOUBLEMORALIC!

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Senior Member



PS: i know that nobody will follow these tips, but you have to agree, LoL would be better if everyone followed this.

ill follow your tip to use ping system

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Lazy Penguin

Senior Member


prepare to get hated!!

normals are full of instamidding ranked wannabes, people are still serious

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Kajind you always say "me bot I'm premade, me plat" ( you're not) STOP BEING DOUBLEMORALIC!

It doesent apply to people that are actually good. /jk

Lazy Penguin:
prepare to get hated!!

normals are full of instamidding ranked wannabes, people are still serious

I know what you mean but we all have to change to be good and stick with it.. someday we find people that are actually nice and its so rewarding.. I had a tristana in my team today and we had a guy who said "i cant bot.." And that tristana player was going to top but chagned hes mind and let him play top instead. That was so nice of him

ill follow your tip to use ping system

I wish to play with people like you everyday.

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Senior Member


It doesent apply to people that are actually good. /jk

then i guess that's you out!

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then i guess that's you out!

Believe me, i was never good at this game.

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Senior Member


Believe me, i was never good at this game.

He's awful infact. Plays heimerdinger adc and ****.

Always relying on me carrying him.

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Bump so others can read this!

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Prugar Senpai

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Repost this thing every now and then, people that need to read this are in overwhelming majority....