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[GAME] [MINOR]: Howling Abyss map

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Just when I was trying out the new awesome looking Howling Abyss map these few days, I realised that when a turret is down a statue thing on the side will break and fall. Therefore I was checking out where do the chains lead to and I found out when u hover over the end of the top chain it will disappear. Here are two figure where it is still intact and where it disappeared.


So from above you guys can see the chain disappeared. I reckon the program line of "the chain appearing at that view angle" was missing. It's not a big problem I guess. It's just some minor thing that make the map even more perfect.
Another thing is that the new creature - the little fluffy white creature sometimes walk through terrain like purple side's item shop and such. another minor thing but I'm sure it's good to see it fixed and not difficult to.