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Icon resolution for retina displays

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Hi! I'm extremely happy and thankful for the release of a native LoL client for Mac. However, since I'm playing on a 13" retina MBP, there is a problem with the resolution of some (quite a few) in-game icons. I basically have two options:

1. Play the game with the native 2560x1600 screen resolution. This makes in game objects such as health bars and the mouse icon absolutely TINY, especially considering the 13" screen. There is no way to rescale this.

2. Play the game in a lower resolution, preferably 1280x800, which is the intended "effective" resolution of the display. This way in-game objects scale much better, I can see the mouse icon etc. I find this to be by far the better solution, and is not perceived as blurry on the display. However, SOME of the images used to represent items etc. do not have a high enough resolution, and show up blurry. As an example, the image for Mercury Threads is perfectly fine, while the images for any of its enchantment upgrades are blurry / do not have sufficient resolution.

This is not a game-breaking issue, LoL is definitely still playable, but definitely an element of annoyance. I would also imagine is to be relatively easy to fix, simply replacing the image files with higher-resolution versions would make everything a-ok.