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How to NOT get caught late game! Very importent! <good read>

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Hello , fellow summoners! This is going to be some sorta guide analisys on "how to not get caught" late game and the consequenses that could follow if you do.

Im sure most of you have seen this. The game is really even ... 40 minutes in a.k.a. late game. The two teams are preparing for an epic last fight when suddenly "out of nowhere" someone gets caught , gets exploded and the enemy team steamrols the nexus in a 4v5 late game.

How to avoid that yourself!? Ill start with a personal mindset mistake!

1.Do not make excuses! I used to be like that ... lets say they kill me in the jungle and I would say to my team " well its my 2nd death in the game ... Im 10 - 2 , its not that bad!" This is so foolish that I really feel stupid about saying it myself. So if I was 10 - 1 before getting caught this means that I did really well early game. Dominated and was hoping to carry late. Doing good early game doesnt mean that you can screw up late game. Late game the slightest slip up might cause you the nexus.

First of all many people say " i stomped my lane and I lost the game" ... well thats a really easy way to do it. Just get caught late game and your advantages from the early game are all lost ... even worse - now that you are one of the most fed guys on your team and you are DEAD its gonna be easyer for the enemy to steamroll your inhibitors! "We have no wards" is also not a valid excuse! You buy some and ward yourself or just DONT GO into the FOG OF WAR! So please - no excuses! You died late game - its 100 % your fault! If you think about it this way you should stay safe at all times!

2.The wards are extremely importent! Even if you´ve earned 15 k gold during the game those 300-400 that you would spend on wards will give you the best rewards! They could give away key enemy positions , letting you strategicly outmaneuver and outsmart the opponent! Never lead your team into the fog of war late game. 80% of the time this ends tragicly dramatic (with flaming in chat and report fest) ... the rest 20% the enemy team didnt ward eather so its a pure luck who will get the CCs off first ... So , WARD! You are not support ? I dont care! If you wanna win you HAVE TO ward not only late game, but all game long! So general rules! LATE GAME!!! -Never go SOLO! NEVER go SOLO into the FOG OF WAR!!!

3.Forget about jungling. Jungling is something that ruins late game teamwork pretty easily ... So many times it happened ... A big teamfight breaks out and I see my carry farming wraiths or something ... Guess what happens. Anyway ... If you did bad at CSing early and mid game , late game is not the time to catch up! Absolutely not! You have to be with the team at all cost. Just forget about that 100g from the wolfes , wraiths ... it wont make the difference, being in the teamfight will!

4.Splitpushing. A very misunderstood conception. Its almost NEVER a good idea to do it. First of all not every champion is a good split pusher. Second even if your champ is Nidalee or Shaco you still need to have proper items for efficient spit pushing! Third , even if you have the previous two you still have to make sure that you are safe a.k.a. you have warded the area and you are 100% sure that no one is comming for you unseen! LAST BUT MOST IMPORTENT ... you have to make sure that your team doesnt need you anywhere around the map. Splitpushing should never be top priority! Baron and teamfights should be!

5.Talk some sense into the team! At solo queue ranked ( low elo most ) the team that gets to group up first and starts doing objectives and ganks WINS! Simple as that! Its so simple but yet many people dont get it! Make sure to tell your team at the end of the "mid game" lvl 12-14 that the "late game" is comming. A.k.a. tell them POLITELY (very importent) to start grouping up and warding objectives ( meet mid , ward drag, ward baron etc.). If you get them to do that you are almost guaranteed to win ... no matter what the score is, TEAMWORK BEATS ALL!

Short and very importent analysis on teamwork! We all know that YOLO queue (solo queue) is no the best plase to find a team with a good teamwork , ranked teams are , because they have voice communication and all that. But thats the most importent thing! If you get your team to cooperate , even tho its solo queue and no one actually can hear what you yell in your room in despair to win the teamfight ( Oh my god , def the carry , guys!!! ... Oh my god , dont chase Nidalee! )

How to do that. Simply take 10 seconds to give them polite instructions while you run back into lane mid game. ( Guys we got late game incomming , our ADC is fed , pls dont dive for their carry , he is 1-5 , we better protect our 7-2 Ezreal) So the most of the communications will occur before the teamfight happens with short chat instructions and teamfight strategy discussion. Its as simple as that ( Orianna pls ball on me I go in to ULT - Shyvana ) ... During a teamfight its never a good idea to stop for a second and chat ... The only way to communicate in a teamfight is to ping , but I dont think its really efficient , cause your other 4 teammates will be most likely creating a ping fest themselfs.

Short example of why teamwork > all ... I had a fed top laner once and I was like "omg he is gonna carry me so good" ... this didnt happen cause he was constantly soloing and never joined the team , even after being asked to do so. Mid game he was doing great , even getting double kills when the enemy jungler came to gank , but late game he was throwing so hard 1v5 I just wanted to curl up at the corner of my room and cuddle with my orange kitty. This was a short example of how the team with better teamwork doesnt care if your top laner is 15 - 1 !!!

Please support my thread and I shall keep it updated!

Excuse my lack of perfect english.

See you on the fields of justice , summoners!

Regards , RUSHR.

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I really wish more players knew these things, especially at silver-bronze level and below.

I see it happen all of the time. Stomping the early mid game. up by 25+ kills. slowly, the people who don't know how to play after lane phase start feeding the enemy one or 2 kills at a time. Before you know it, both teams are even again, and a couple on the enemy team took heavy advantage and are now very fed. The side that was winning is now flaming. Usually the most fed person calling his team stupid, when he is just as guilty of the same mistakes.

So many games are thrown like that at low levels. Its frustrating beyond belief, as This is a situation you can't carry in unless the enemy team is doing it. I agree that often, the winning side is determined by who starts grouping up and playing late game properly first. The side that keeps going in groups of 2/3 or solo to farm will loose most of the time unless they get lucky.

The only chance you have is to jungle Amumu. Any coincidence he is banned so often at bronze-silver? He counters and clutches their bad late game skills. lol!