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Loading Screen Freezes

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Don't know why it's doing this but for the second time this week the game kept freezing at the loading screen. Like, it seems to connect fine and I can see myself and everyone else loading and getting to 100% but then....it just freezes and the game starts without me, and eventually comes up saying it's not responding.

So then everytime I closed it and attempted to reload it just froze again at about 95%, and then, in the icing on the cake, just casually put me into the post game chat lobby as if nothing was wrong.

That's the second time this week - the first time was a 3v3 with a couple of friends a few days ago - but this time it cost me a ranked game (and probably a few reports) and I don't understand why it's doing it.

I tried restarting my PC/internet and all that good stuff while the game was going on but it still kept so I don't think it's a problem on my end, and I'm running the repair tool as I type this. Anyone got any ideas?