Problems as Singed vs Fiora

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Hello Guys,

first, im not a very experianced singed player but i like him and i want to master him so i recently played vs fiora. She bought mr, so i couldnt do any dmg to her. she chased me to death because of that magic resistance. she also did tons of dmg to me, dont know why, had tank masteries of course and singed is a tanky champ by nature ...

can u give me some tips how i can handle fiora?


ps: sry for my bad english

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midnight illusio

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Fiora is a champion with all damage and no utility, meaning if you can survive her burst without giving her any early kills, she will quickly fall off and be useless to her team. With Singed, in the early laning phase, play very safe, and don't be afraid to lose a bit of cs because of it (you will gain this back later on). Just deny her those early kills. I would be inclined to rush a sunfire cape against her, and take movement speed quints instead of the AP so you can kite her around with your poison. Once you start to get tanky, you can pretty much just ignore her and farm.

The other thing you can do if you are feeling brave is to push her early into her turret. Fiora has quite a hard time farming under the turret and the other benefit of this is that you will gain levels faster than her, and there will always be more of your minions than hers, meaning if she decides to attack you, she will take a ton of early damage from your minions in trades. Of course, the downside is that you will be easier to gank, so make sure you have a ward with you in the beginning.