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New Ranking System

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Junior Member


So I was reading some information about the new ranking system and there were 2 questions I asked myself when reading it:

1. When exactly will it be released?

and the more important question:

2. How is this system balancing "elo"? if you cant drop a tier but only raise one, how is this going to be balanced? If someone has come to Platin by Luck (which may happen if he just gets the better team for the first 20 games)..he could play absolutely terribly and would not drop below that platinum tier whilst others could raise to diamond, for example
so yeah I would be happy if someone answers :P

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dope NeDuyaner

Junior Member


ya when will it be released ?

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Senior Member


1. It's currently in PBE, expect it to be released somewhere in the next 4 weeks (tops).

2. It's exactly the same as the current system where you can only see someone's highest elo. Elo will just be hidden now, but as a plat who dropped you will get matched with gold/silver players in the end. If you lose too much at the lowest division of your tier, you will win less points for winning (the system adjust for this). It's basically the same as it will be now, but the numbers are just hidden.