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How to: report a bug

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If you could not find a solution, and there is no thread for your problem, feel free to start a new thread, with the following information:

1. Upload your log files, these are currently in:
~/Applications/LOL PBE/Logs

2: Write a detailed description of the error.

Tell us what steps will cause the error. Don't just say "oh my lol crashes help". Tell us what it's doing before it crashes, whether it's during a game, or downloading files, etc. Screenshots are also helpful for graphics errors.

3: Post your System Specs

With the following information:
- System and exact System version, like this: Snow Leopard 10.6.8
- Mac Name and Generation, e.g.: MacBookPro6,2
- CPU, e.g.: Intel Core i5 2,4 Ghz
- GPU, e.g.: nVidia GeForce 330M GT 256MB
- RAM, e.g.: 4GB
+ any other information, you think is useful to understand this error. e.g. if you get a network error, tell us what programs effect your network.

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will do just downloading the client !