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Top 10 best dominion champions

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nidalee works very well too.

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Top 10 best imo:
- Jayce - best utility bruiser with ridiculous poke
- Kassadin - fear of all squishies, extreme combat mobility assassin
- Nidalee - map control, beyond ridiculous poke, high burst and utility
- Teemo - brutal map control despite antitrap items, still very mobile high-damage kiter
- Kha'Zix - best in-combat assassin
- Ezreal - the safest of all ad carries, can deal a lot of damage throughout his lifespan, global presence with ult.
- Xin Zhao - dunking charge leader, that can win teamfight by himself
- Amumu - too much damage for a tank, never mind ult. Inb4 nerfs
- Lulu - tons of CC and epic ult make your teammates unkillable
- Elise - counters new health meta, very slippery for a sustained damage ap carry

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TF and Blitzcrank deserve attention but I speak generally for solo play (there is no much team in Dominion).

TF depends SO hard of his team it can't be considered as a trustable pick as long as Dominion will remain a casual mode. Despite the fact he can give high pressure when both team are quite balanced. Once again, when it comes to global ulti, I see much more Lux or Karthus doing "Hello goodbye". The last problem : ridiculous passive on Dominion, unfortunately. But I play him sometimes, I love his tango new version :3.

Blitzcrank is a bit more reliable when your team fall a bit but end game, he fall off fast.if you build him tanky. Remain DPS mode but if you're team is not well organized... The idea of being a smashing menace with a dragging skill is more natural with Nautilus or Darius.

I haven't said anything about Wukong because I just can't decide about him. I see bad Wukong feeding miserably. I see good wukong being legendary. I can't do a game against or with him doing a normal score.

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What about Gangplank?

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Malzahar Strong bot.
Brand Op stun.
Sion counters almost all except top champs, can abuse the wooglet + shield bug.
Rammus shuts down AD
Alistar can defend a point extremely long.

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4) Jax – Jump bang bim yo win. Even if you win early game, you lose late game. Jax is just the master of 1vs1 and is always a guarantee to turn the table late game if you ignore him. As easy as Darius to counter for a skilled kiter, he's anyway a passive win maker.

You need to tell this to every Jax I've ever played Dominion with.

I know he CAN be effective, I've played against some very annoying Jax players, but never had a useful one as far as I can remember.

Hell, I played AGAINST a Jax, who was okay even though I hit him pretty hard early game, and then WITH the exact same Jax whereby he failed miserably throughout.

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Nidalee and Lux are among the best I reckon.

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Wow no mention of Annie? Since you encounter a lot of solo fights in Dom, Annie and her single target burst damage is sweet. I play her a lot in Dom and she can change the tide of battle in group fights with a group stun.

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Brand and annie need to be added towards this list for sure.


It's a stun machine when builded correct. The dmg he does is insane with his full combo on top of it. Go full cdr with him and max q + e first and you will see that nobody really can do much against you.

Tank's can't reach you because your stun is far to fast up again, mages/adc will melt with your full combo. massive poke range with dmg over time on top of it. Good group burst dmg.

Brand is good from start to end, even behind he still is good.

A good build would be:
1) sorcerer boots
2) deathfire grasp
3) athene's holy grail
4) void staff when facing mr resistance teams or go for rylai's scrystal scepter when hp is needed.
need more mr? go for abyss scepter.
mostly game is over at this point.


Probably the most deadly char in the game with good ultility, and specially dominion. As low range doesn't handicap you in this map. You can hide everywhere and ambush insanely good.

The only issue with annie is her start game, its a tad weak. But mid game the char just completely dominates everything but tanks. and with mid game i mean, when you get your ultimate + have builded grasp + another dmg item such as void/scepter.

It's not uncommon that only my ult already does 70% of a targets hp in dmg alone. let alone the other two attacks you got with it. In general when grasp is up + ult is up + the stun is active, everybody that isn't a tank with full mr resist will instantly die from my assault.

Then you got a ton of ultility with it.

1) single target stun that is reloaded fast ( you can kite characters really well )
2) aoe stun that is reloaded fast
3) free defensive items ( because of your shield )
4) your ranged auto attack is massive, you can hit from far with it ( which is good for poke at towers )

5) and then you got tibbers.

-) Ever wanted to cap a tower? but some ranged is poking you in a bush so you can't cap it?. put your tibbers between you = massive shield.

-) Ever saw 10 creeps while you hide in a bush being dangerous close towards your tower, but some tank dude is helping his creep push while you sit in a bush with 20% hp left. What to do? move your tibbers into it. all creeps will be gone + extra pressure on the enemy.
The same can be done with pushing creeps without having to put yourself in dangerous places.

-) two enemy's want to cap your tower ( top ) but one stands on the left side the other on the right side and tries to kite + poke you while the other caps?
Np, tibbers takes one side you take the other side. And tibbers won't die that easy at all. Or just poke both of them. You can keep both busy for ages this way until backup arrives.

-) some dude is setting up traps and or mush rooms and you want to clear them? tibbers is your way.
-) always wanted to see what's waiting for you around the corner but don't risk on getting ambushed, your tibbers is a massive walking ward. Just check it out.

As the map is small and tibbers stays for a long time, its incredible easy to use tibbers for all these things after a burst.

In my view annie is by far the most useful champ there is, it has probably the highest burst dmg or equal towards leblanc / veigar ( veigar only really shines in end game, which frankly never happens in dominion so you can really just ignore him for the most part ).

It depends on the enemy's you fight tho, a more tank orientated group, i would vote for brand rather then annie through his endless kite stuns and also decent burst dmg with it. But if the group mostly contains out of adc + low hp casters. Annie will absolute dominate it.

Other really good champs in dominion are:

-) shaco, stealth / poke / burst / fear / wards etc. enough said
-) teemo, not that hard to figure out
-) heimer specially after its boost lately he's pretty darn deadly when played well.
-) rammus, he's fast, immortal, does dmg, but most of all his taunt is the one that makes him extremely strong
-) amumu, high dmg, strong ultility, can be incredible strong.
-) Fiddle, a full dmg orientated fiddle with cdr can be extremely strong, 3 sec fear + a jumping silecen + a drain that only can be countered by a interrupt but against champs without interrupts he's impossible to kill. When he pops his ult on you + horror its gameover no matter what. Extremely high ultility / burst dmg if played right. He only is countered easily through interrupting his drain if his ult is on cooldown.
-) cassiopeia, incredible high burst it just keeps on coming, hard to escape from becuase of her speed buff, is capable to kill tanks easily ( with some hp items ). massive range + dmg over time hits that are brutal for low hp targets when she pokes. The only issue really is her low survival, so you have to trade dmg for hp to balance it. Her ultimate is extremely strong tho, you can change the battlefield instantly with a good ult. The only downsize = skillcap. Miss your poisons you are a sitting duck.
-) malzahar, high burst, fast clearing of creep waves, he has a stun of 2,5 silence and a ton of dmg over time.

Imagine getting this dmg combo from malz:

1)deathfire grasp ( 20% dmg increase + 15% hp burn )
2)malefic vision ( dot ) ( probably also summons his pet on the enemy )
3)ignite ( spell )
4)call of the void ( silence )
5)malefic vision ( aoe area that burns x % of his hp a sec )
6)nether grasp ( ult )

Any champ ( if you stacked enough mr resistance reduction ) will die from this combo after those 2,5 seconds ( if they don't have a item or a spell to get rid of the ult and move out of the area dmg ) yes even tanks.

ADC or any low hp target, will already die most likely from 1-4, What i mostly do on them is 1-3 and 6 to make sure they die.

Malz is extremely strong, but gets countered by people that pick items/spells that remove his ultimate.

anyway my 50 cents.

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Katarina is good mid champ.i like his ultimate.easy to kill.Nasus are strong tank.Riven is good top champ monster.Lux is the best supp i think.