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How do I play effectively vs LB and Nasus?

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I find rushing a spectral cowl is the best counter to lb then get some ap/ad item and then complete banshee and just poke her every time your banshee is up.

for me if i know im fighting a lb in mid i pick katarina and rush spectral... i dont know about others but it works for me, just remember lb will probably start roaming once she notice that she cant kill you.

and if she triesto get kills on the others in your team well.. then it requires you to follow and foresee where she is going to gank and follow her.

Nasus on the other hand is a lane where you need to get the upper hand, just keep harrasing and denying farm from him... but you need to remember to do it trought all the time cause if you leave nasus alone in top lane for 10 min then the next time you fight him you will probably be like "wtf who fed nasus?" even though he just stacked Qs and farmed.

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Chalice for mid.

Done, now to prevent her from roaming and insta gibbing top and bot.

Also (and you'll learn when you meet LB one to many times) keep in mind the distance she can leap over with her W and just stay out of range from that one so she cant combo as good without it hitting.

Also bully the **** out of her till lvl 3 (ziggz is freaking good at this and afterwards you can safe farm from a huge distance) as she barely can reply till lvl 3, ofcourse this is short lived but if you manage to take good chunks from her health she tends to get less frisky of going all in. (or at the least your able to take her down with you if you do)

Got no answer for Nasus, I hardly play top and he tends to always get banned anyways.

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Leblanc: He can silence you so pick champion who has good autoattack and dodge skill like zed or mage with high range like syndra. If you are countered by leblanc, indeed remember he can jump by 600 range and use minions for dodge E. Then 6,

Nasus: Pick an early strong champion and zone him like darius or champion who can blind like teemo. Also fiora is good.

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Luna Dragon:
Leblanc is in my humble opinion not hard to play against, she just requires a different mindset...

I was always telling people to use that unique,different mindset against a riven.Look where Riven is now.Nerfed hard on dat E and early game damage.I'm afraid same will happen to lb that have just risen from the depths of of meta.

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Yi is actually a good choice VS Nassus if you want to outright zerg the nassus and kill him. He has very high damage output which allows him to take nassus down, is unaffected by wither post level 6 and can absorb one Q with smart usage of meditate (just meditate for a brief moment when Q is about to hit).


Nassus is relatively easy to kite, since he doesn't have any movement skills of his own and must rely on walking. champions that facilitate kiting by dropping slows and displacing him can keep him away from the carry line.

Champions like Singed, Trundle, Tresh can outright prevent nassus from coming withing melee of your ADC. Specifically I've had games with singed where the nassus was completely useless in team fights aside from casting wither once or twice.

ultimately killing nassus is the ADC's job since he's the one with the high DPS. Your job as a mid/jungle/AP/sup in this match up is to prevent nassus from closing the gap and keeping other divers from interfering.


LB's strength is her ability to delete one champion. After that she doesn't have anything to do and has to wait for skills. Against her you have 2 options -

you can save the champion she wants to delete with smart HP donations (shields). Or you can let the ADC die and have some other big threat in the team. If you have a multi threat team with a high damage top laner Leblanc's ability to remove a champion from the board doesn't help her team much because you have a team that's better at 4v4 than the leblanc's team.

also, LB doesnt have good ranged wave clear. So you can take a strong tank champion, back him up with some fast clearing champion, and just sit on her tower pushing her in until the tower falls.