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Season 4 runes

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Padre Bionic



Now that we have been hinted a changes into the runes season 4, what do you guys think that we will see?

I am hoping for quite an overhaul for this system.
Nothing is more boring than to spend a month to collect those "scaling runes of mana regeneration".

Actually it would be great fun to have something like this:

All runes should be hybrids of somekind, like one rune giving us AD AND critical chance, not just one stat.

4 different types of runes, like we have now. 1 type for improving auto attacks and AD, one type for defense (armor, MR), 1 type for magic (AP and mana) and 1 type for utility. The primary type would give stronger effect than the secondary effect, that would almost always be from another type.

Maybe less runes in amounts than we have now, but that they would make them more complicated and more fun way to build the pages.

Few ideas for runes (what they could look):
AP and combined CD/lvl
movement speed and combined attack speed when less than in 50% hp
armor and combined death timer

maybe even role-dependant, like this for supports:
"+1 gold/10sec combined with UNIQUE: sight wards cost 5 gold less to buy from shop"
getting multiple runes like this would just increase the passive gold you get and the UNIQUE part would help you to buy more wards with your support, but would also be gained only once.

Some straight up class runes (like ADC-runes) should give less power than the more special effects, maybe even build a system that multiple runes of exact same type would give you less and less power forcing players to think out-from-the-box and just not stacking all those simple AD runes on the same page 30 times.

This would help us get rid of those generic runepages that everyone now uses and would force us to take some other interesting effects on champions too (like masteries do in a way).

I'm sure that they wont do anything this massive, but one can dream, right?

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Senior Member


No, it's fine as it is... Maybe new runes, not somekind of combinations..