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Riot NOC

Network Operations Center

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Summoners, welcome to the Service Status forum! Here you can come to see information regarding ongoing issues or events that we are currently working on. We here at Riot will do our best to keep players informed with real time updates to issues as they happen, as well as the on-going progress of downtime game patches.

We strive to maintain 24/7 up-time and appreciate your patience during any incidents that may impact this performance. Please check back regularly for available announcements of planned downtime or updates to known issues.

GLHF and see you on the Fields of Justice!

-Riot NOC

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Riot Eglorian

Network Ops Technician

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What is Service Status?
The Service Status Forum is a place where you can find current real-time updates relating to server issues, patch downtime and other disruption to game services.

Who posts these updates?
Any updates on Service Status will come directly from our technicians – or sometimes messages will be relayed to another Rioter to post on their behalf.

There's an issue but I can't see an update!
There can sometimes be a short delay in providing a post as we want it to be accurate. If there is a problem, we have 24/7 monitoring and will give you relevant and updated information as soon as we can.

How will I know when issues are updated?
The post will be edited with timestamps when any new information is available – so check back often, or follow @lolstatus on Twitter.

How will I know when an issue is resolved?
The post will be updated to indicate that a solution has been applied, and the thread will be removed from Service Status shortly after its resolution.

Why are the comments disabled?
Comments are disabled because the purpose of the Service Status area is to give you direct information as a reference – while our Network Operations team are working to restore service, feel free to discuss the issues in other relevant subforums.

Is Riot NOC a robot?
No, Riot NOC is an account shared by many members of the Network Operations team. It’s still a technician behind those posts too!