Random gamecrash when game starts up

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Didn't play on this computer for some months, because my old TFT didn't work anymore. Bought a new one today and started playing. First game worked fine as usual until i changed my resolution to max (1280x1024) and set everything back to high, as it was before. After saving changes the game crashed. Relogging into the game crashed again. 3rd try then worked fine. Now it seems like the game crashes at least 1 time before i can play. It does not crash when it didn't right after everyone hit 100%. Tried to update my graphics drivers to the newest version (Catalyst 12.4). Didn't help.


Core 2 Quad 8400
Radeon HD 5700
4:3 TFT, max resolution 1280x1024
Soundblaster audigy 2 ZS

Except my monitor, everything is at it was before. Also, my old TFT had a broken power supply, because some capicators on the circuit board bursted, so there is nothing else what changed since the last time it worked some months ago. Because i "missed" some patches on my PC here, i can't determine since when the problems could have started.

When the game crashed, i sent an error report via Bugsplat.

Uninstalled the client, reinstalled it after reboot and problems were gone. Downloading 2 gig isn't the most efficient way in fixing problems, but now it works...