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Hello all!

I am new to LoL and have a question which I was unable to find the answer to. When I started the game (at lvl 1 summoner) I had a set on champions I could choose from (fiddlesticks, sion, tristiana and some others...). I played three or four games with those. After several days the selection changed completely to the one I currently have (warwick, ashe, mummy, etc). My question is why did this happen? Do the champion lists change always? Don't I have a set of champs which I always have and as I lvl up I unlock some new ones, or do I have to buy all of them?


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Each week, you can 10 different champions for free.
Theses 10 champions can be played by all players, doesn't if they bought them or not.
And under normal conditions, theses 10 champions change each week (see the announcements forum).

If you want to unlock a specific champion permanently, you've to buy him in the shop.