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Originally Posted by neobaham0t View Post
For real, why is this Athene deal being brushed under the rug? You can ban me for this, I don't really care, but it's pretty goddamn hypocritical to pretend you care about "toxic players" and ban professionals, then turn around and let some guy like Athene blatantly cheat his way to diamond on stream. You know he gets a paycheck from his big charity too, right? There's no such thing as altruism.

What I really mean to ask is: if I start streaming for "charity" too, can I cheat my way to challenger? Is that what everyone's supposed to take away from this?

Nobody can rationally call for Athene to be banned given the (ostensible) benefits to starving children, but sacrificing the legitimacy of the game is frankly bullsh*t. Given that the backlash would be minimal should he be "reminded" (preferably through the reversion of his illegitimately gained rankings) that regardless of the bigger picture, he individually is a scumbag who's spent the last however many hours sneering at people who are rightfully calling him on his bull****.

I fully support the charity Athene is promoting, but that doesn't excuse him being a scumbag about it. His charity is a vehicle for his personality, and by allowing him to get away with what he did, you spit in the face of everyone who got where they are legitimately in this game. I can understand why every thread about this is getting locked, since it erodes the legitimacy of this game - and thus business as a whole - as a viable vehicle for e-sports, but it doesn't make it any less deplorable.

Athene's personality cult will probably descend on this thread within a couple minutes and the moderator soon after, so if you agree with what I'm saying, copy and paste this post until Riot acknowledges Athene's bullsh*t.
The main thing generating controversy, and by an ironic turn views and publicity, is threads like this one. We've never been shy when it comes to taking action, but we've also never had it as a live execution.

Regardless of who someone is, or what they have done, it gets looked at. Why are these threads locked? Because over 70 in the space of a few days is getting crazy and doesn't help anyone.

We've seen the threads, but when that is all discussion becomes there's no room for other people to share thoughts on other topics, giving more awareness of the people you talk about than you realise. Please stop creating these topics, not because there is any cover up, but because people are constantly reporting the spam.

One thing to add is this is a guy who you need to seek out. If he is generating this kind of annoyance for you then the easiest thing you can do is avoid looking at him or talking about him.