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Sephirotica 25-05-2010 07:57 PM

Runes FAQ
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All credits for this guide go to Larias

Q: What are runes?
A: Runes are an out-of-game way, similar to the mastery system, to add additional customization to your summoner and champion. There are red, blue, yellow and "purple runes" (aka Quintessences). Red runes are generally damage; yellow runes are generally defense; blue runes are generally caster stats.

The large ones are called Quintessences, which are worth much more than other runes. There are a wide variety of stats available in the Quintessence slot, including certain types of runes, such as run speed, which are *only* available in Quintessence form.

There are three tiers of runes as well.

Q: How do you earn runes?
A: You can purchase runes from the store in-game. From levels 1-9, you can only use Tier 1 runes. From levels 10-19, you can only use Tier 1 and Tier 2 runes. From levels 20-30, you can use any tier runes.

Q: How do you upgrade runes from first tier to second tier?
A:You can upgrade runes using the rune combiner. 5 random rank 1 runes = 1 random rank 2 rune. 5 Random rank 2 runes = 1 random rank 3 rune. Additionally, 2 runes of the same tier can be combined for a random rune of the same tier (2 tier 3 runes = 1 tier 3 rune)

Q: How many runes can you have equipped?
A: There are 9 red, 9 yellow, and 9 blue slots when you reach summoner level 30. In addition, there are 3 Quintessence slots bringing you to a total of 30 runes.

Q: If red is offensive, yellow is defensive, and blue is caster stats, what happens to my 9 wasted slots if I don't want one of them?
A: You can find runes of weaker stats (for example, a 5hp blue rune instead of the 15hp yellow rune) if you are only interested in stacking certain stats. While they are weaker, it does give additional customization.

Q: Will I be able to switch rune sets quickly or do I need to change runes manually before every game?
A: You will be able to save 2 "sets" of runes that can be switched to quickly before a game.

Q: Is the combiner supposed to be random? For example, can I not merge 5 tier 2 runes that are +dmg to get a tier 3 rune that is +dmg?
A: Yes, it is supposed to be random. The idea is that you can cannibalize surplus runes into random better ones.

Q: Can I have the same runes on pages 1 and 2?
A: Yes! If you wish, you can have the same runes on both pages. This means that you don't need to buy 6 HP quintessences if you want HP Quintessences on both pages, for example.

Q: What are the differences between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary runes?
A: Each rune is designed to go in a specific colored slot. For example, +HP is supposed to go in to the yellow slot. However, if you wish, you can buy this rune in blue color as well only for a weaker effect. Secondary runes are slightly weaker in the slots than Primary runes. Tertiary are much weaker.
Also note that Tertiary runes are marked as Secondary however when comparing rune stats across all three colors it becomes rather easy to determine Primary, Secondary and Tertiary runes.

NewAlex 25-05-2010 09:42 PM

yes I heard the combining runes thing, but never saw the place where to do so ingame, how I find it?

TCW HERO 25-05-2010 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by NewAlex (Hozzászólás 3098)
yes I heard the combining runes thing, but never saw the place where to do so ingame, how I find it?

On the runebook section, you should find a button that says: 'Combiner'. Not sure where you find it on the page, but I think you'll see it.

Sephirotica 25-05-2010 09:59 PM

Edited first post.

NewAlex 27-05-2010 06:42 AM

ah okai thanx

hC aKE 28-05-2010 03:51 AM

The requirements are actually lvl11 for tier2 runes, and lvl21 for tier3 runes.

Sephirotica 28-05-2010 09:42 AM

According to the store its 10+/20+ and tbh i never bought any runes below t3 so dont quite know :P

Bardac 31-05-2010 01:11 PM

You can use tier 3 runes at lvl 20 but you can only buy them in store if you are lvl 21 (same applies to the Tier 2 issue)

So combining old runes can grant you T3 runes one lvl sooner!

SeanW 01-06-2010 07:35 PM

Nice of you to post this :)

Sure will help out the new guys.

If anyone needs to be shown the basics ingame add me as buddy, i'll teach u what I can :)

HenimeX 06-06-2010 03:12 PM

where can i find runes... ? im lvl 6 but no runes around

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