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Sticky Thread The Wrenchmen's Toolbox - Common Fixes  ( 1 2 3 ) Elduris Aragotking 24
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Sticky Thread [START HERE] How to get help fastest! Boompje AltCtrlElite 2
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Sticky Thread The Wrenchmen: Helping Solve Issues, One Post at a Time! Ymir Ymir 0
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(Bug/glitch) Xin zhao [To RIOT] nick453n Vuxadin 1 78
End Game Gifting (not working)  ( 1 2 ) WrathAwaken Yosuzume 11 466
Question about skin gifting, does a queue delay reset the two weeks? Nwalker Nwalker 0 34
Cannot read the new boards Lorlenya Lorlenya 2 74
My acc  ( 1 2 ) MWanted10 MWanted10 10 122
Reconnect to ghost game Su1cide nick453n 1 93
[FOR ALL LEAGUE OF LEGENDS PLAYERS] nick453n nick453n 0 91
I don't know what's up with my launcher... PLS help ThaExile nick453n 1 134
FPS DROPS aYrz Nioxie 4 818
5.3 BUG AGAIN, Invisible characters, everybody has to disconnect / recoonect Garah nick453n 3 119
Please Reconnect to the game Whitesss Thornedd 1 69
Says I'm still in a match? Kozomoi Kozomoi 2 46
Please Help me! Skrub reker Skrub reker 0 41
Two Hours probation for leaving champion select ? 420NatioN 420NatioN 0 44
DC Leading to low-prio queue Dwayne Dibley Martee 1 46
75 games banned from ranked, 75 done and still banned? SnowStorm90 Martee 1 53
Riot, please fix your ****ing game Peralaaa MoitaMan 5 188
Mac client doesn't continue downloading Tommzy Tommzy 0 62
Problème 0xc000007b Llyod90 Llyod90 0 40
failed to connect silverháwk silverháwk 0 65
acc password's changed Riiotnig Unregistered 1 118
Champion movements keys RageFactory w00zi 4 1078
can't start new game, still in last game according to server tom98784 entryway v2 1 74
Unable to connect to the server. If you have a firewall it may be blocking the... Astrola Astrola 4 266
What about the fake reports Sm4k0 Sm4k0 0 43
Lag Spikes Demesn3 Demesn3 0 70
Problem after I click Launch Seley Seley 0 49
RIOT FUCCK ALL THIS ****TT I HAD ENOUGH xXShadowRoninXx Vorkot3 6 188
Cannot purchase rp Xiloz Xiloz 0 36
Rubberbanding in the Beginning of a Game N00O0O00B C4RN1F3XX 9 134
thrown out of the game rank Zimko C4RN1F3XX 1 53
well done league of legends XxenderREAPERxX N00O0O00B 1 75
Everyone in the game had lag, yet no loss prevented. Ir0nic Kylexiel 2 94
Le Grande solutions for 33% hell De la boen toomanybans 9 262
Entire game lagging iAFK4Norway Juliandroid98 3 88
REPLY TO ME FUCCK SAKES!!! xXShadowRoninXx Mevrouw Jeannine 1 72
Good Behavior Skin? Fyon Fyon 0 68
ranked game become"s normal game Mevrouw Jeannine Mevrouw Jeannine 0 51
server thinks that i am in game but i already won that game. Rickolo Rickolo 1 44
33 minute wait! Liceo99 Liceo99 0 46
Recent strange freezes and Bug splat crash PoxHydra bananapod 2 119
The game chrached Setas San Setas San 0 58
My game has WAY too many ANNOYING issues! :( Arrania Arrania 0 53
attempting to reconnect shortly before win for whole team Judikativ Skikane 1 71
Leaver Buster MarciDiMarc MarciDiMarc 0 47
Panda-Teemo deactivated remoftw remoftw 4 189
Unable to recieve/sent a end-game gift JlyKyM007 JlyKyM007 1 55
Lunar Gifting Icon Not Received Tachíbana Kanade Tachíbana Kanade 1 60
Unable to rejoin a game Helenz Helenz 0 54