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Sticky Thread Tournament Code and Custom Game Pause features  ( 1 2 3 ... 4 ) RiotMarcou BJs for RP Gifts 32
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Sticky Thread LCS Alternative Streams  ( 1 2 ) Janook Deadly Otaku 16
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Sticky Thread Summer Challenger Tournament Dates & Rules (EU & NA) RiotMarcou RiotMarcou 0
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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Competitive Discussion Forum! RiotMarcou RiotMarcou 0
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searching for bronze ranked team to get ward skin Winki Winki 0 381
I dont wanne have ranked rewards Primmix Giomanach 2 807
Win all 5 3v3 Promo's and in Bronze 1? N3xZa YoloQ Nella 2 876
From Silver 3 to Silver 1? VermilionGamma YoloQ Nella 1 804
Ranked team changes Bertuccina Bertuccina 0 343
Border change OtteGod OtteGod 2 448
SoloQ/Account buggy? Help a worried summoner Musashì BackKarurosu 1 412
Team Breaching 4 Nations Rules The Chilli Flake The Chilli Flake 0 353
Randomly placed into ranked games Jaxuhalí Jaxuhalí 2 390
Losing LP all day too afk/trolls Gurnhill AlpJett 6 1164
LF A TEAM/TEAMS TO SCRIM VS SILVER/GOLD BlazeDelinquent BlazeDelinquent 0 353
A question about SoloQ Seyren Windsor Seyren Windsor 2 383
My freind gift me skin and the Riot ahs get them up from my acc 3adhalet FLG Zenoxtale 2 489
Looking for Tournaments (diamond 5n5 team) Weaxe Weaxe 0 384
A quick question. Talatzor Talatzor 0 437
Searching for shoutcasters Zuenie Zuenie 0 892
Need ADC for 5vs5 24kibbz 24kibbz 0 418
5v5 team, what to ban? TheWeinreich xBloob 2 632
NeverB3Alone - Team - Looking for tournaments. xBloob xBloob 2 433
InSec Swagmaster dinkipinki dinkipinki 0 396
Dodging Placement matches. VidimoNevidim VidimoNevidim 0 471
what changes after patch 4.14 will be popular competative? Jesterhead93 Jesterhead93 0 399
Helpless Climb The Moon Unit Kysser ræver 4 765
Solution for Afk players on ranked. mibbo mibbo 0 448
New team. RXZL evol RXZL evol 6 596
looking for toplane for tryforce cup,sunday Practus Practus 0 392
Helpful Ranked Thread VitaminH VitaminH 0 403
Esports Teams LF: Sponsorship/Partnership LouJose LouJose 0 466
[Svenskt Lag] söker nu nya seriösa DIAMOND spelare! Pewez Pewez 0 422
Ranked Troll 1R0NM0NK3Y 1R0NM0NK3Y 0 429
this guy in ranked FishyBoy FishyBoy 0 446
Dignitas dropping their stoner YOLO imagery Piantissimo Piantissimo 0 461
Looking for ranked players and their teams for research Tuuleh Tuuleh 0 430
Streamer LF Twitch team! TopDawg Killer TopDawg Killer 0 419
World Finals 2014 why show winner right when you click competitive. WHY RIOT!? ACSwe ACSwe 0 452
RMT accounts at plat and diamond. Bakerlel PowerageEU 1 642
Anyone wanna duo que? GenericLoLNoob Retroci 1 708
Diamond fiddles streaming for funz Rattatoe Rattatoe 0 495
Svenskt 5v5 Ranked Plat/Dia Team Letar Seriös Support! Pewez Pewez 0 531
This is wy inSec is a God! Mr Gatzi Mr Gatzi 0 604
Smurfing on stream with viewers Diamond Main. Rattatoe Rattatoe 0 539
TSM Amazing - Fail montage dinkipinki dinkipinki 0 531
TSM Amazing - Fail montage dinkipinki dinkipinki 0 479
Dear summoners. How to win without losing your advantage. Some nolifer tips MVP Tricky MVP Tricky 0 513
Looking for a good adc for duo i main supp with morgana and blitc DreamLv DreamLv 0 492
Do you think it is fair to allow Sister Teams to compete in Worlds? JMaverick JMaverick 0 499
Smurfing from Diamond duo Q ranked with you as a viewer. Rattatoe Rattatoe 0 467
a "Soldier Agreement/support" Maybe? Shadow021 Metal Bucket 1 685
How much LP do you win? Daltei PixPaw 2 628
DuoQ Metal Bucket Metal Bucket 0 423