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How i got some FREE RIOT POINTS!!! Few codes only left, HURRY flipperfipper2 flipperfipper2 0 142
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Diamond 1 streamer - Learn how to support Kvothéé Kvothéé 0 127
Hybrid Kayle potential GaDemICE DevilKIN 3 310
Gold V support lf coach to teach other roles Arrania Arrania 0 115
Free RP Codes LMQ IProGamer LMQ IProGamer 0 260
Preparations for S5 J Blacksad Zamyron 1 123
Multi champs Montage #2 - Yasou zed Oriana and lee sin Madlifes Son LFT Madlifes Son LFT 1 118
I need some help. killamonjaro Revinz 5 208
Free RP LMQ IProGamer LMQ IProGamer 0 167
Want to get to gold in jungle? Vi guide and video tr33fr0g tr33fr0g 7 372
Korean Players LMQ IProGamer TeaParty Sunny 2 170
Patch 5.1, how to solo dragon lvl3 as Nocturne. Panoz The Great Panoz The Great 0 214
Rek'Sai jungle : Eternum guide (Arpen vs AD) Whillou Whillou 0 125
good easy toplaners loordp Yuukì Asuna 8 463
Playing Passive LMQ IProGamer Vo0doo 1 160
Zoning Guide Krisitown Krisitown 0 153
Jungling LMQ IProGamer Acid Hunterz 3 275
[Hilfe] Behind every great carry there is a support Inf3cti0nZ Inf3cti0nZ 0 163
How do I best avoid a counter with Master Yi MotionOneGaming MotionOneGaming 0 133
Beginners Guide to Masteries Dicerz Jerom398 1 322
How and When to Freeze or Push Your Lane Krisitown Krisitown 0 297
Tips for Fighting Nasus Please? BeastMaster0316 brijmohan 3 217
Ranked progression Yogi QQHaschu LFT 3 247
Renekton Sucks LMQ IProGamer QQHaschu LFT 3 249
Best tank rune page? Dragon132 Findenixx97 7 24353
New High Elo Streamer looking for chilled Audience xBrick xBrick 1 147
AP MALPHITE (Highlights) FireMageAl FireMageAl 0 87
Plat 4 ADC LF Tryhard support. A Humble Rumble A Humble Rumble 0 144
How do you deal with Riven? DragonOverlord DragonOverlord 3 422
Rengar or Kha? CherishTheKing CherishTheKing 3 177
Bronze PLAYS (Episode 1) FireMageAl FireMageAl 0 174
Renekton LMQ IProGamer yolofmiester 1 139
Looking for FRIENDS To play League of Legends! MrKukovich yolofmiester 3 234
Current Team Comps In The Meta Untamed Enemy Untamed Enemy 0 186
What's the one dps item you go when building tanky to allow you to still be useful? PedigreeFeed v1rtue 3 333
Are there any plat+ mid laners looking to coach? apdrosser ProfiTROL 4 251
Free Irelia coaching by mid diamond hard Irelia main Pride Of Ionia (EUW) Pride of Ionia ProfiTROL 6 371
Who can teach gold 5 player ProfiTROL ProfiTROL 0 120
Need tips for Yasuo Zamyron Zamyron 4 159
how to end games loordp Revinz 1 281
New streamer/youtuber, need your help friends! :) Simθn Simθn 0 124
Is Tryndamere viable for Ranked?  ( 1 2 ) ColdZer0o crowJAMBOO 16 7435
Need help with adc NOO NICKNAME Revinz 6 361