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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Midlaner Silver 3 S5 LFT Arianyss Arianyss 0 23
Jungler/Sup LF Plat Team Chamareon Chamareon 0 30
Lf duo High gold or plat+ humudu humudu 0 33
www.twitch.tv/pewezz dia3 smurf playing with viewers! Pewez Pewez 0 34
Plat IV ADC looking for a support duoq :) Moneymuffins Moneymuffins 4 62
UK Plat Mid/Supp LF team/Duo partner.  ( 1 2 3 ) Chicken Cha Pati Chicken Cha Pati 22 301
Looking for Top lane to play Ranked team Gold or + PieceRing PieceRing 0 26
Looking for a support main NoFiddleNoParty NoFiddleNoParty 2 89
Dia Midlaner Looking for team!! Relyks Relyks 1 36
Support Diamant LF TEAM Diamond+ EUW MatLife TriHard MatLife TriHard 1 22
Plat and above team recruitment - Ranked 5s XL Thong DFW Mekkz 1 55
Dia 4 midlaner LF Dia Team Mighty Goku Mighty Goku 0 27
Mid Laner is looking for Ranked Team Germankillah1998 Germankillah1998 0 25
Danger L1ne Recruiting DL MoonDog DL MoonDog 2 74
We Are Stock! We Want You! StockDivine StockDivine 0 95
The Remains is recruiting (New community guild/clan)  ( 1 2 3 ... 9 ) Boci Isten TR Boci 84 1624
Plat and above team recruitment - Ranked 5s XL Thong IamBenNickless 1 57
Making a all female ranked team :D nJ23x Kaceytron 1 82
Support Needs Team TurningTaylor TurningTaylor 2 44
LF Midlaner for ranked team! Arthien Arthien 0 59
Nyt Dansk hold søger efter Mid-laner Sir PedoPumba GG Yahada 7 414
Diamond Team Looking for Jungle/ADC  ( 1 2 ) HI THERE GOML TY DG Kanze 16 300
Plat III Support LFT Baìthoven Baìthoven 3 40
Looking for a gold jungler Max the Cat Max the Cat 0 57
Plat team Looking for coach TMHT x JINX TMHT x JINX 0 41
Looking for a 5's friend Cackalenzie Equalz 1 81
Highrated Dia Coach looking for Team AG Instinct TMHT x JINX 3 143
Plat 4 Support LFT MeleeMaster MeleeMaster 2 44
LF Gold+ Top Lane Ranked 5s PWK CRGangsta drakey 4 132
Looking for Plat+ Players for Long-Term Team Spelunking Patsavouras 1 86
Spectre Gaming needs ADC and subs SpectreWolf SpectreWolf 2 85
Gold ADC looking duo support KaleemG2K Delivery Man 1 32
[PT] Procuro jogadores Plat+ para formar team a longo prazo! Spelunking Yukí 1 132
Plat/Dia team LF Jungle RF Fan Girl JeremiahGottwald 3 88
Diamond toplane/midlane and gold (pushing plat)ADC LFT Podrick Podrick 0 31
Platinum+ Team LF members! Moneymuffins aCtivPrime 2 56
High Plat ADC LFT Do One Son Do One Son 1 39
Diamond 4 Adc LF serious team GodStefu GodStefu 0 25
5s with ambition. ZyZlol ZyZlol 0 45
LFT to coach Xalerz SexPekè 1 114
Looking for Platinum main ADC TheEkainMagix TheEkainMagix 0 38
X diamond plat mid laner looking for uk speaking semi sserious people to play with. RyFall RyFall 0 23
Searching Teams to Scrim [Silver-Plat] DKC Scotch DKC Scotch 0 33
Plat 2 support LF RankedTeam 5v5 CHAlNED Frostblade Annie 2 38
UK Ranked 5 Team LF Top Laner [Plat 5+] Jnez 4yMaaa 6 140
5on5Team(Ger) LF MAIN Jungler FLeeCySheeP FLeeCySheeP 0 27
Master LF Smurf Duo Q Leachianus Leachianus 1 60
Master Mid searching for Jungler to duo also looking for team TDK OnLy TDK OnLy 0 32