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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Team Ranked ThanatosRiven ThanatosRiven 0 81
Looking for UK diamond s4 support or high plat / diamond now for 5s team Subway Baron Subway Baron 5 96
LF Dia 1+ S4/S5 Jung for Main Roster Dark Legaci Dark Legaci 5 248
Looking for ranked team! MisterSnorro MisterSnorro 0 38
Main ADC since S2 LF Duoq! Nefae Tchusork 3 72
Team LF All . (Serious team). Diamond+ Can Apply.  ( 1 2 3 ... 6 ) I Molest Babies hi im kjaer 56 1884
5v5 Ranked Team looking for members! AnnoZz AnnoZz 0 97
Deutscher Jungler gesucht pharZyde pharZyde 0 51
Ex chal Jungle LFT dia currently. StrickeN Freddy PermeX 1 56
Gold team LF Jung/Bot lane games now EuphoricNess EuphoricNess 0 41
Diamond 4 ADC LFT xLifeDream xLifeDream 0 23
Sherch a duo q partner Never Gank Top Never Gank Top 0 35
Gold Team Looking for Top laner about to begin Rivaldo Rivaldo 0 30
LF Diamond Top and Support to fill 5v5 Team roster (read post for details) bearz Nîght bearz Nîght 1 54
Adc looking for ranked team. Silver Son of Ploppy Son of Ploppy 0 26
Gold Team Looking for Jungler Rivaldo ThePor3ky 1 41
Svenskt lag söker plat support Hi im kevs Hi im kevs 1 48
Diamond IV Support LF ADC DIA IV+ to duo with Mągz Mągz 4 88
Looking for a duo partner/team Grenadeeeee Grenadeeeee 0 49
Master Toplane lf team/manager! +d1  ( 1 2 ) Big Boppa Big Boppa 18 370
LF Duo Partner JlyKyM007 JlyKyM007 0 47
Platinum players needed Reesemoney300 Reesemoney300 0 43
Gold IV ADC Main looking for Duo Q Mate Snoggn Snoggn 4 89
Gold V ranked team lf Support TheAsphyxious TheAsphyxious 0 40
Team Roméry Roméry 0 35
Main Support LF Teams and/or DuoQ [UK] Beast Mode On xD Beast Mode On xD 4 152
Plat 2 support looking 4 a good adc iAmTheException iAmTheException 6 103
LF last player for 3v3 ranked team (plat +) Beast Mode On xD Beast Mode On xD 0 25
Looking for a mid / adc / top for Ranked 5's Holymolty Holymolty 0 67
Gold Player LFT TheAsphyxious TheAsphyxious 0 20
GO4LOL Tournament Gerikehhh Gerikehhh 3 78
plat 5 adc looking for duo elixus9 elixus9 3 59
JailBlazers Recruiting! Delivery Man moldveien 8 123
Ranked Team Shocked Recruiting Top and Jungle Gold+ Rivaldo YGRIID 1 42
Suche Teamranked Suporter schnell. Icecrime525 Icecrime525 0 26
Lf Diamond+ Duo Wtf Pigeons shadowsteppe 1 41
Rapidly rising 5s team LF plat+ mid laner Ordained Ordained 0 41
Join My 3v3 Ranked Team. Silver 5 atm with high win ratio. YGRIID YGRIID 1 42
LF serious ranked team! tattis Pro tattis Pro 0 44
Looking for a consistent DuoQ partner Kêvin Kêvin 0 43
Leder efter dansk duo que support Protect this adc StrickeN Freddy 2 47
Looking for team S4, all round player hannes3510 hannes3510 0 26
LF plat 2 + AD duo bot lane Shankkaa Shankkaa 0 29
LF adc im a support ohkutje ohkutje 0 58
[5V5 Ranked] - Looking For Dedicated Top Laner Holle HD Holle HD 0 39
LF Plat/Dia Duo Partner Player Number 1 Player Number 1 0 38
Danish competetive team looking for a coach! STZ ZephyroZ Protect this adc 1 73
The Cupcake Alliance is recruiting Tablettenjonny Tablettenjonny 7 165