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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Burst MultiGaming [EU] MrAsch gandul44 3 1398
Jax & Yi suchen Shen o. Nunu destroyerrambo destroyerrambo 0 633
Europe EXP gain... WTF!? Kilrog1 Scyla 3 1019
All around decent player lf serious group/clan warpath warpath 0 599
Time Reopening on US Server ! Xear Jazzel 2 925
ASHE looking for a team. Shikalike Mareep 1 591
Kein bock mehr auf Randoms? I36 blaZer10 Xear 2 740
FR cherche clan avec skype/TS/mumble ou autre Manguo Manguo 0 473
taric & soraka LF team deed3e Mareep 1 787
Player LF Active Decent Team Recoil axpownz 1 594
Leerzeichen bzw Clan-Tag in den Namen?? Dokatar Dokatar 0 753
Im looking for clan(watch) EvansTheGreaT EvansTheGreaT 0 716
Je cherche une team Tsukio Tsukio 0 473
Kampf Fehler Kalka Kalka 0 502
New to EU servers, need a group! Master Teabag Jazzel 1 787
Cherche Clan Fun Badmanu50 Badmanu50 0 447
buy combat points TheCoinScorpion Nevodark 1 890
Problem beim Patchen HomerJey HomerJey 0 486
Strategic Summoners Recruiting Fereth The Monopoly Guy 3 776
Association FDL Game ! [FR] FDL Kelevan MyWarfare 4 954
Youknow suche deutschen top clan YouKnow toSch 2 791
Looking for a good clan xD ReVeNgE xD xD ReVeNgE xD 0 679
Looking for like 100 friends Toothpick Strike Toothpick Strike 0 785
{UK} - Search small team for 3v3 / 5v5 wlk P0XT0PS wlk P0XT0PS 4 967
Odffr Alex70 Alex70 1 619
i36 - Infected [Deutsch] blaZer10 akKubohrer 3 1093