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Team recruitment gold elo cro pankreas by cro pankreas 0 46
Looking for players for a ranked team plat + XeroxObserver by XeroxObserver 2 54
UK Based 5v5 Ranked Team Looking for Support Fabled Terror by Fabled Terror 0 51
Plat IV Jungle/Top looking for team LilaCola by hi im Lukeus 6 70
LF Diamond 2 mini Support Noka by Noka 0 24
Looking for a team | G3 JmZi by JmZi 5 77
Sexy adc and support looking for team Beachedwhale1 by Beachedwhale1 0 34
GOLD4 (ATM) Support LF for Team/Duo (DUTCH Player) CryingTears by CryingTears 3 36
Silver 1 Toplane looking for Team klikker1 by klikker1 0 30
Royal Concept LF Diamond + players. General Hispeed by General Hispeed 7 103
looking for members- team for the new season silver-gold Im The Guardian by ManicWulf 3 70
LF decent nidalee, high plat-master Terroklar2 by Crs Ricey Lee 1 37
Looking for a duoQ partner Addyhh7 by Thanater 2 62
lft Kasane Teto by LuckySh0t 1 36
Erstelle ein 3on3 Team WickedsicK GG by WickedsicK GG 0 23
My friend and i looking for 5v5 Ranked Team ( Gold IV and Silver 5) Jami by Jami 0 30
[CubeVS] CuBe' Victorious Secret LF Top-.Midlaner [Dia2+] Red Cacao Flower by Fap to dis 4 64
Diam V ( drop from d3 ) adc lft Shyio by ILoveFluffyPoro 1 39
3v3 Ranked team LF Silver or higher TheTobin1 by CryingTears 1 36
Gold Mid LF Team Luziez by Luziez 0 25
Diamond Mid LFT SuspectGod by SuspectGod 0 30
Gold mid/supp/jungle LFT DivineCake by DivineCake 0 39
Gold Jungler/Top LFT obstacle 1 by Whiteeey 7 99
New ranked team lf active members   ( 1 2) InViziBle3 by InViziBle3 10 309
Looking for clan alkic1 by MrYosh792 1 30
Need top/jungler/supp for team ColdAttack92 by ColdAttack92 0 31
Looking for some friends or a team to play with SunLian by MrYosh792 4 99
LF Duo Parthner, Smurf EUW Saint Mark by Saint Mark 0 35
Some fun to have SKT T1 Fvcksleep by MrYosh792 2 87
[LF] [DUTCH] Team members mid diamond DG Dreaming by DG Dreaming 1 70
Defective Gaming looking for Analyst/Coach for Diamond 5v5 Team Envy Mi by Envy Mi 1 47
LF DUO high plat to reach diamond momentvanrust by LuckySh0t 3 46
-Silver Jungler/Support LF 5v5 team- Kyrri by Kyrri 0 22
LF Team for rewards (Main: Mid / Support) Missacretsam2 by MasterCassim 2 47
Main Mid/Support looking for 5v5 Team Yugonomex by Yugonomex 3 68
Team Magmatic & Aquatic: Recruiting   ( 1 2) theHoncho by Aeternum Vale ll 13 282
Bronze baddie lookin for a ranked team; I have TS, Skype and Curse Devious Shadows by Devious Shadows 0 36
Creating A Serious and Competitive team Dyrakelm by hi im Lukeus 1 74
LFM RANKED 5's TEAM Barry Saville by Barry Saville 0 22
Gold UK ADC Looking For Team Or Support Duo [Srs Bsnss] 3rebor by 3rebor 0 23
Ranked Team LF Toplaner - gold, plat Jolly Sunbro by Jolly Sunbro 0 45
LF Plat + Players Top/Jungle z1nked2Audacious by LuckySh0t 9 201
Plat 1 mid LFT Riversid by Riversid 0 14
Situation needs a jungler! Plat + SnaiI by TheeGenericBrit 2 69
hi im kniver321 and i am lucking for a bronze team kniver321 by kniver321 0 35
LFT Diamond 1-4 Midlaner Milkyard by Milkyard 0 39
looking for team going 3v3 challenger DíGaGè by DíGaGè 0 30
Wild Rapotors MyEsport sucht Verstärkung WR Alexisy by WR Alexisy 6 83
Looking for serious team! Tentaakkelimörkö by Tentaakkelimörkö 0 22
Support LF ADC for ranked duo I pRiNceSs I by inaRush 1 44